Customization Tips

Looking to print from both sides now? Here are some tips to help you customize your contact cards and double-sided square prints.

The Prints

• Our double sided prints are on exactly the same card stock we use for our Square Prints,
Minisquares etc.
• This is archival quality 300gsm card stock with a smooth matte finish.

Custom Text

• We cannot print emoticons or certain special characters. 😢
• We can only print letters in the English language and not characters from other languages, sorry! If there are any special or foreign chacters in your text, please upload your own custom reverse image.
• We use Futura as the font
• You will have a limited number of characters to use. If you want to use more, please upload your own custom reverse image.

Custom Image

• Your custom reverse image needs to be a .jpg file and at least 612x612 pixels to upload.
• You may have to downsize particularly large files.
• Your image will be printed with 3mm white borders.
• We recommend that you use an image or artwork with a white background for the best quality cards.
• Additionally we recommend you use a clear font and large text size.
• If you feel nervous, email us your images to and we will give you a frank assessment of how it will look.

Bulk Orders

• If you want to order more than 200 Contact Cards or more than 10 sets of Double-Sided Square Prints, hit us up and we'll help you out!


Stuck for what to upload for the backside of your prints? You can’t go wrong with this.