Help & FAQ

The path to printing wisdom is paved with FAQs and we have answers! Or for you tl;drs out there who just want to cut to the chase, email for email support.


• If the site is not working for you, try using Firefox or Chrome on a non-mobile device. We have some issues with Internet Explorer. Also logout, clear your browsers cache, and then log back in.
• You can only upload JPEGs to our website. Sorry about this. We love our JPEGs.
• The minimum size photo for most products is 612px x 612px and the maximum size photo is about 2MB. Unless you're ordering Large Format Prints, please do not upload photos larger than 2MB.
• If you're having trouble uploading, check the sizes of your images and look for rogue .png files amidst your photos, these will stall the uploader.
• We accept RGB color profiles and we recommend a 300 ppi resolution for the clearest prints.
• Sorry to say that we cannot save incomplete orders. We wish that we could but we don't currently have the back-end in place to support this yet. We advise you to check out quickly after you upload your images and do not keep orders in your cart for long periods of time. Our website times-out after 8 hours to get some beauty sleep.
• For products with a lot of images like our Calendars and 319 Photobooks, we advise you to gather and arrange your images in a folder on your desktop prior to uploading them to our site so you don’t lose your work.


• We use Stripe as our payment system.
• We accept most credit and debit cards from both US and international banks.
• All our prices are in US Dollars. If you're ordering from abroad then your bank may charge a small conversion fee.


• Our prints have a smooth, matte finish. If you're used to glossy photo prints, matte prints may appear more faded, but overall have a nicer look and feel.
• Low light images, aka images you took at the bar, will likely print grainy and blurry. Remember, images always appear brighter on a screen, and the more filters you apply to a photo the less clearly it will print. Please keep this in mind when selecting your photos. We want your prints to look sexy and crisp!


• In order to get you those prints you love as fast as possible, a majority of our system is completely automated and begins right when you submit your order. Because of this we can only accept cancellation requests within one hour of placing your order. Thank you for understanding.
• If you're unhappy with your order and you've read the above, shoot us an email and we will make things right for you.

🙋 Contact

• More questions? Email us anytime at: We mostly work regular business hours and sometimes we check our email at the weekends too!
• We do not have a company phone number


If what you really want to know is whether we will print your selfies without any judgement whatsoever, the answer is yes.


Still looking for the answers? Take it away Walt: ‘That you are here—that life exists, and identity;That the powerful play goes on, and you will contribute a verse.’