Framed Prints FAQ

Everything you want to know about Framed Prints but were afraid to ask

📐 Frame Sizes

• 4x4 Frame
Matte window is 4in x 4in - Actual Frame size is 9.25in x 9.25in
• 8x10 Frame
Matte window is 8in x 10in - Actual Frame size is 12.5in x 15.5in
• 12x12 Classic
Frame Matte window is 8in x 8in - Actual Frame size is 12in x 12in
• 11x14 Frame
Matte window is 11in x 14in - Actual Frame size is 16.5in x 19.5in
• 16x20 Frame
Matte window is 16in x 20in - Actual Frame size is 21in x 25in

🔨 Sexy Details

• Our frames are made from 100% sustainably-produced wood and the mattes we use are 4ply.
• We print on Moab lasal exhibition luster photo-paper, the paper weight is 300gsm.
• Each frame includes an acrylic pane to protect and display your print.
• For the 12x12 grid prints, we strongly suggest you select photos without borders. Borders will make your print appear askew.
• If you want us to hang your frame and you live in San Francisco, please prepare us some turkey sandwiches and we'll be with you shortly.

💪 Your Framers

• We are a group of women and men working in a San Francisco studio. We listen to gangsta rap while we frame.
• Your frames are produced in a cliché-free environment.
• If you want to speak directly with our frame department email us

📦 Shipping

• US frame orders all ship by FedEx Ground and take about a week to arrive.
• International frame orders are sent by International Priority Airmail and take 3-4 weeks to arrive.
• If you need your order expedited, please email and we can quote you a price.


To frame or not to frame? That is not the question. The real question is, can you knock holes in your walls of your current domain and get away with it? Here’s some helpful tips for getting away with it.