Asked Questions?

What the FAQ? We may or may not have answers! Here is a collection of least asked questions we've received.

What's your compatibility
with floppy technology?

Mail us a floppy disc and we'll see what we can do with it.


Sorry doctor, we do not have paging compatibility.

How about fax?

Yes, we have a fax machine! Not sure what the number is though. Or what it does...

Is that tiny 3D-printed figurine of Sad Keanu Reeves in the background of one of your photos?

Yes it is. Tiny 3D-printed Sad Keanu has brought infinite value and inspiration to the SPS team.

What about that salami birthday cake? Do mine eyes deceive me?

Thine eyes do not deceive thee

Or that selfie stick?

Now you're seeing things.

It's cool that you print photos, but do you do anything else with your lives?

Tika handcrafts furniture for her pet guinea pig and Tim manages a fictional space program. For everyone else, their job is their life.

How many of your team are left-handed?

Two, we make them wear luminous rubber gloves to signify their difference.

What's your favorite type of freeway offramp?

Hard to say, but we know what our least favorite freeway offramp is and they're the sort of clover-shaped ones they have in LA, damn those offramps!

Is there a microwave in your office?

No. We've been trying to work around this modern convenience, not for any weird paranoid reasons, but just to provide a limitation on culinary possibilities and the tyranny of choice generally.

Tell me more about your company bidet.

Never used it, but it appears to be functional.

Is your office playlist the greatest playlist ever curated and should never ever be the subject of a mass email with the words "office noise levels" in it?