Our Story

We're a group of artists, designers, and coders trying to answer the question "What can a company be, and what should it be?" One day the answer will be "Social Print Studio." Working on it since 2010!

In The Beginning

...there was the print. Our founder Ben Lotan printed a Facebook friend poster in his San Diego dorm room for an art project, then people asked to buy their own. Soon he recruited his friends and some weirdos he met on Craigslist, and began printing anything he could find. When we first printed your Instagram photos in 2011 things really took off...

The Team

The Team

The Berkeley Chapter

In 2011 we relocated from San Diego to the Bay Area. We set up HQ in a classic Berkeley house, where 7 of us slept, cooked, cleaned, played the drums, and in our free time worked on printing! This is the birthplace of the Classic Framed Print, still one of our favorite products.

The Team

The SOMA Chapter

In 2013, we moved into a large airy studio in San Francisco's SOMA district. There we held events, fulfilled orders, and made endless cups of coffee. We also made the jump to mobile and launched Print Studio for printing photos from iPhone and Android and the holiday card app Greetings for iOS.

The Team

The Team

Present Day

As of 2018, half of our team is remote, and half based in the Bay Area. We no longer have a fixed HQ and instead work from coffee shops, restaurants, the beach, and our homes. In March 2018, we hired a new CEO, Tawny Holguin, to help us navigate the Future of Printing...

The Team

The Team

Work in Progress

The company remains completely independent and bootstrapped, meaning we have no outside investors, and don’t owe anything to anyone beyond our dear customers. We don’t intend to ever change this. We want to grow slow and maintain an awesome and authentic company and brand.

The Team

Meet us!

If you would like to get in touch, email us hello@sps.io, Like us on Facebook or find us on Instagram and Twitter as @socialps.

We've been featured in The New York Times, The San Francisco Chronicle, and Fast Company.

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If you want to know things that aren’t on our “About Us” page, your best bet may be to work for us, or email us after 3 on a Friday.


We still advertise for new hires on Craigslist. Never forget your roots.