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DIY Hygge for a Cozy Home

November 4, 2019

Definition of Hygge

As we head into winter in the States and start spending more time inside, we’re feeling the urge to make our spaces more cozy. Let’s embrace the chilly temps and longer nights by making our homes so comforting and cozy we never want to go anywhere else. (Delivery, anyone?) We’re taking cues from the Danes, who follow hygge (pronounced hue-gah). Have you heard of it? Although it can’t be translated into one single word, hygge encompasses the feeling of relaxed contentment and enjoying the fullness of life through simple pleasures. One of the easiest ways to bring hygge into your home is through simple do-it-yourself projects that make your home feel more personal and more inviting for everyday living.

Make It You

For the same reason you wouldn’t want any old photo in your picture frames, you should feel free to make every inch of your living space completely and unapologetically you. Toss your favorite throw pillows on the couch, even if they don’t match. Hang an imperfect gallery wall of your closest family and friends so you see the people you love the most, every day. Paint one wall whatever color you feel like, or leave it blank. There aren’t any rules around decorating. It doesn’t have to be “perfect”. Do whatever makes you happy and anyone who comes to your house will see you in the house and feel right at home.

Classic Prints DIY Hygge

Image credit @newleafwriter

One of our Social Print Studio Super Fans, writer Sarah Beth Moore, loves using SPS to make her space cozy and personal. She says:

"I'm a dreamer, and whenever possible, I want the spaces I'm in to reflect that. In open rooms, I decorate with large photos of my family or high-res versions of my art. In smaller and cozier spaces, like my office nook and craft corner, I like personalized inspiration, like mini prints of flowers, books, or my own Instagram pictures. Best of all, I get to look at the pictures above my bed every day. It's like taking a mini vacation to a hundred destinations, and I love it."

DIY Decor Inspiration

We love DIY! It’s the ultimate way to be creative while still being kind to the earth. Embrace the limits of using what you already have and give it a second life. We took inspiration from our Pinterest boards and the SPS Community, but the sky's the limit when it comes to DIY inspiration.

• Using only 2 branches, Mini Prints, string or twine, and tape or a hole punch, create a natural-looking wall display of your favorite pictures.
• Turn glass yogurt containers into drinking glasses for a candlelit dinner party.
• Repurpose glass water bottles and milk containers into unique vases by covering them with stickers. They’re perfect for winter greenery like evergreen or holly berries.
• Take your favorite old pictures and use as gift toppers.
• Add some flair with Mini Stickers or Photo Strips.
• Add Photo Strips to your mood board or Square Prints to your vision board.

Our Favorites for DIY home decor:

Mini Prints
Classic Matte Prints
Mini Stickers
Photo Strips


If you’re looking for more DIY Inspiration for a cozy home, check out our DIY-focused Pinterest boards: Simple Decor, Truly Simple DIY, DIY for Kids, Community and Photo DIY Inspo, and Christmas & Holiday Gift Ideas. The SPS Community is overflowing with ideas of how to make your home more cozy and welcoming.

Add Texture and Color

One of the most obvious ways to make your home more cozy is to toss a throw on the couch, add a few alternative down pillows, and bring in a lamp (or 2, or 3) with warm lighting. Turn on your favorite music, light a candle (try our favorite), fill your home with your favorite people, and you’ve found hygge. But you can also amp up the coziness with surprising textures, thoughtful decor, and less traditional color schemes. Try adding a red-framed grid photo on your gallery wall or a salvaged wood frame to your nightstand. Get an ornament, remove the red satin ribbon, replace with baker’s twine, and hang from your kitchen window. Hang a giant poster in your entryway. Display your favorite prints on your bedroom dresser. Grab some washi tape and cover your fridge with pictures. If you feel like it, go for it. Keep it spontaneous and simple and your decor will reflect how much fun you’re having creating and styling!

Our Favorites for adding texture and color:

Santa Cruz Frame
Grid Frame in black, red, or yellow
Custom Ornament

Santa Cruz Poster

Engage All Your Senses

Home should feel like a haven. One of the best ways to create a sanctuary is to fill your apartment, condo, or home with your favorites. It doesn’t have to cost a lot of money and you don’t have to buy anything new. It can be a simple exercise of asking yourself, What do I love? And then using your creativity to come up with ways to surround yourself with more of that.

An easy way to add something you love to your home is by figuring out what your favorite smells are. Fresh bread? Eucalyptus? Clean laundry? Citrus? Once you know what scents evoke happy memories or help you feel calm, recreate them in your cooking, create a simmer pot, diffuse essential oils, or light a scented candle. The olfactory system is a powerful way to trigger memories and physiological responses making smell an easy way to make our homes more welcoming and cozy.

We’d love to see how you embrace hygge through DIY and your endless creativity using your favorite products from SPS. Tag us on Instagram @socialps so we can see!

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