Rustic DIY Photo Display

December 1, 2019

One of our favorite things is watching the SPS community grow and share ideas of what they’re making with Social Print Studio products. How are they repurposing prints from the 365 Daily Calendars? (In a mudroom?!) How are they displaying their photo ornaments all year? What do they print on their photo magnet? When somebody prints 300 photos, are they storing them on the shelf, tucking them in an album, giving them as unique gifts, or hanging them on the wall (and how are they doing it??)? There are a million ways to take a picture and display it and we can’t get enough inspiration.

We’re in awe of how creative and handy this community is and we’re excited to start sharing some of our favorite DIY projects and DIY crafts using our products that we’ve seen across Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, here on the blog, and across social.

If you love to do it yourself with Social Print Studio prints, photo albums, and gifts as inspiration, tag us on Instagram with @socialps so we can reshare to our Stories, share on our Social Print Studio Super Fans private group, or on Twitter @socialps. Or, if email is more your thing, send us snapshots of your DIY SPS creations to We can’t wait to see what you’ve made!

When we first saw Victoria Bigelow’s photo display using our prints, we were blown away. Not only was it the simplest DIY room decor idea, it was also affordable and accessible to all ability levels. DIY can be intimidating if it requires many steps, asks for expensive supplies, or requires a skill set that most of us honestly don’t have. Victoria’s DIYs are so simple you could make them with a child. And besides the cost of prints, they cost only a few dollars to make since she uses natural materials she’s found outside. We’re all about that home decor inspiration that’s pretty enough for Pinterest but so simple and budget-friendly, we’d actually do it. We hope you feel as inspired as we do to print a stack of our favorite pictures, grab some twine and mini clothespins, gather some sticks and greenery from outside, and start making festive photo displays and handmade holiday gifts.

Five Minute Crafts

Here’s a how-to in Victoria’s own words:

"I’ve always been into making things and displaying my creativity in the form of various little projects here and there, especially during summer or break when I had way too much time on my hands. Last winter break I also discovered Social Print Studio and became obsessed with their mini prints! When I ran out of space on one of my walls for photos, I decided to put my creativity to use and come up with some sort of simple DIY that would easily display my photos and look festive enough for the winter. While I don’t have any particularly favorite DIY blogger or Youtuber, I’ve always loved using Pinterest as a sort of inspiration guide. After some searching and brainstorming I went outside and broke off a couple small tree branches, some pieces of evergreen from a pine tree in our backyard, and grabbed some twine and mini clothespins.

DIY Rustic Display - Mini Print

The concept was simple: make a hanging with branch borders with leaves and mini prints pinned to twine. A couple knots and many, many mini clothespins later, I had some wall decor! I also found a random metal circle and used it to do essentially the same thing, but since I had a smaller surface area to work with I just offset the evergreen to one side. This can be adapted to so many different sizes or photo prints, as well as made to match any season! I’ve made a frame/hanging for a single photo, a larger scale version to fit more photos and cover more area, and changed out the evergreen for flowers or fall leaves. It’s an extremely versatile project and the prints work so well with them."

Thank you, Victoria! To make your own 5 minute craft, you’ll need the following prints from Social Print Studio. (You can order from the web or from our Print Studio app.):

DIY Photo Frame:
1 Classic Matte Prints in 4x6 with a white border, or any print size and style of your choice. You'll want additional prints to swap out the image (our 4x6 prints come in sets of 24)

DIY Photo Wreath:
5-10 Classic Matte Prints in 4x6 or 5x7 with a white border or full bleed or go square with Classic Matte Prints in 4x4 or 5x5. If you want to have a variation of larger and smaller prints, add Mini Prints to your order and lay them out in the pattern of your choice before assembling in the hoop.

DIY Rustic Display - Photo Wreath
DIY Rustic Display - Photo Display

Rustic Photo Display:
Because this has a more rustic vibe, you don’t want it to look too perfect and matchy matchy. Try using several different styles of prints like square and rectangular but keep the white border consistent. Or if you want to stick to the style featured here, go with our all time favorite 4x6 “mighty print”. They have the dimensions of a classic photograph but are printed on thick cardstock with a matte satin finish. They fall somewhere between a photo and a postcard and we think they’re just perfect, especially for this DIY. You’ll need 12-18 prints. Ours come in sets of 24 so you'll have extra to choose from when you're working on your design.

For more Pinterest DIY inspiration, check out Social Print Studio’s DIY focused boards: Community and Photo DIY Inspo, Truly Simple DIY, Simple Decor, Home Decor Inspiration, and DIY for kids. Check out all our Pinterest boards here.

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