New Year's Greeting Cards

December 28, 2019

When we think of sending family photo cards, we think of the holidays. WHY did we do this to ourselves? The holidays are arguably the most stressful time of year to add another thing on top of. And communication with friends and family should feel rewarding, not like another to-do to check off in a jam-packed month.

We didn’t want to be boxed in by a tight timeline for sending holiday cards, so we designed our Greetings app to equip you to send cards all year, no matter the occasion. Or even the existence of an occasion (see the “Just Because” section of the Greetings app).

8 Tips for Family Pictures You’ll Love

Our new favorite tradition? New Year’s cards! The frenzied pace of December has come and gone and the days are still short. Long, chilly evenings are often spent cozied up inside, and our desire for connection and community doesn’t come and go with the Christmas tree. Take advantage of the slower pace a new year can bring and take the time to connect with loved ones by sending New Year’s cards! Added bonus, you know who you definitely need to get on your card list based on the photos adorning your fridge or mantle. ; )

New Year's Greeting Cards

Download the Greetings App to see all thirteen New Year’s templates and all of the other categories we’ve created cards for. From Valentine’s Day to Baby Announcements to Thank Yous, we’re here to help you send thoughtful Greetings on beautiful high-quality cards all year long. Spoiler alert: people love getting mail outside of traditional holidays.

Valentine's Sneak Peek

Don’t forget to show us your creations by tagging us on Instagram @socialps. We love to see your Greetings cards outside of our print shop being delivered and displayed IRL.

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