creators live

In collaboration with Intel and Vice we created an interactive Instagram installation.

#Creators Live

We collaborated with Intel and Vice to create #Creators Live, an interactive Instagram installation that toured in various major cities with The Creators Project.

We designed #Creators Live to bring Instagram to life beyond your phone's screen. Any image shared with the #Creators hashtag was projected onto the walls in real time, transforming the blank architecture into an interactive and immersive experience.

One side of the wall became a floor to ceiling collage of photos that continuously animated through 3D space. We used X-Box Kinect technology to allow audience members to interact with the wall using various gestures, and the images responded by flying away, expanding, or spinning on their axis.

Additionally, we partnered with Intel Labs to transform the surface of another wall into a massive touch screen, allowing people to select their @usernames and showcase their personal photographs to the photo wall.

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