Play any Vine or video frame by frame, forward or backwards.

Vine Handcrank

An experimental interface we prototyped for Twitter, the Vinelodeon plays your favorite videos forward and backward in-sync with the turn of a crank. The effect is unique and delightful and demonstrates that there are many possible ways to interact with technology.
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We built the device as a closed-off system with just a single use and a tiny screen to evoke the original nickelodeon, an early machine for viewing moving images. Though it works nicely with Vine videos, pulling them from hashtags and displaying them in real time, the vinelodeon and hand-crank interface could be used to display a variety of media and could be fabricated for installation a number of formats. Let us know your video project dream, then add "-lodian" to the end...

Vine + Hand Crank from Social Print Studio. Check out some coverage on the creators project.

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