We're Hiring!

Yes indeed, we are hiring! Here's your chance to get in on the ground-floor of something amazing. We want to grow our team in unusual directions while remaining a close-knit, small company that puts humans before the robots every time. Join us!

Open Positions
Full-Stack Engineer

Full-Stack Engineer


We're currently hiring a full-time, full-stack, fully-radical engineer to join our eclectic team. Experience/interest in HTML5, CSS3, Github, equity, healthcare, puppies, $$$.
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We accept rolling internship* applications from students, dropouts, and those looking to escape the rat race. Ideally you'll have a background in design or engineering, but impress us with your ambition!

*paid internships, this isn't 2012.

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Loft Life

We work in a sunny, open studio in San Francisco's SOMA district and we like to keep things creative and interesting. Most employees have no designated desk. You are free to work from a beanbag, bathtub, yacht, custom sleeping box or your designated desk.

Fresh Prints

You can enjoy fresh local produce, a jungle of plants, and animals galore in the workplace. All employees have full access to our kitchen, exercise equipment, and use of the company farm.

byo freak flag

We're passionate about building a team where everyone is free to be themselves. If you have unusual hobbies, views, interests and cultural pursuits, bring them.

Print your own adventure

Your past job history need not dictate what you do here. In the past we've hired a designer who became a shoemaker, a chef who became customer service manager, and a dog who became head of HR. Anything is possible!

Swordplay and Copays

Our employee benefits program is extensive, stretching from what you need to what you didn't know you wanted. Some examples include 1 free square print a month, vision, dental and healthcare coverage, and the medieval weapon of your choice.

Funk Factory

Like to jam it out at the end of a day? Take advantage of full access to an equipped music room to learn new instruments, practice and unwind. We also host concerts and recordings in our studio!


An all-purpose jumpsuit is offered to every employee of Social Print Studio. You are free to embrace this as your uniform or refuse it in a symbolic gesture.

Gold Star Facilities

One of our restrooms is spray-painted pink and gold. The other has yet to be spray-painted. Bring your can?

Live Forever

We like to immortalize team members with our printing capabilities. At any point you may be given a set of custom masks of your face, a life-size cardboard cutout, or a piñata of your head.

Cult Awareness Materials

Freely available.

Free career tip: Print your resume on sandpaper so it destroys other resumes placed on top of it


Expensive career tip: Print your resume on gold leaf so we know you don’t just want this job for the money.