Photobook FAQ

Want to create a photobook? We put together some hints and tips to make it easier!
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The Team

• To upload a cover photo, click on the "Upload Cover Photo" then drag your photo into the box.
• Minimum image size for best quality covers is 800x1000px.
• You can change the cover photo by clicking "Upload Cover Photo" and adding a new photo here.
• You can return to the cover page at anytime to change your cover by selecting "Make Cover" from the top bar.

Page Layouts

The Team

• Drag your photos from the sidebar onto the pages.
• You can choose different page layouts by clicking "Layout Options" at the bottom of each page.
• You can add more photos by just dragging them and dropping them onto the page.
• If the options or all too much, you can click "Autofill" and we'll take care of everything.

The Team


• At the bottom of each page there is a "style button" that allows you to change how your photo will be printed.
• You can use this button to add white space or make your photos full-bleed.
• If you click "style" on a page with multiple photos, they will all resize.

The Team


• Captions are currently only available if you select the Layout Option with captions.
• If you want captions of pages with multiple photos, add them to your page and click "style" until the caption option appears.
• If you only want captions on one of your pages in a two page spread, you can click "style" on the other page to make it full bleed or a different size.


The Team

• To rearrange pages, click "Page Spreads" in the sidebar on the right. You can drag individual pages around or whole pages.

️Starting Over

• Want to start afresh? Add your photobook to your cart and then delete it. Then you can return to the photobook product page and start again. We're working on a start over button in the creator!
• If you're stuck on the create page and can't proceed to cart, clear your browser cache to remove your photobook.

️Saving orders

• Our system currently does not save books-in-progress for longer than an hour or so. We are working on this and understand that it is a significant limitation. Thank you for understanding.


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