Our Studio

This space is our pride and joy. Stop by and say Hi!

275 8th street

In 2013 we moved into a 6000 sq ft empty warehouse in San Francisco's SOMA. With hard work and the help of countless friends we built it into our studio, and it's one of our proudest achievements as a company! Explore the photos, drop by in person, or rent the studio for your next event. We want to share our space with you!

The Team

Photo Studio
The Team

In the sunniest corner of our space we set up our photo studio. This is where we shoot all our product photography, set up impromptu photobooths during happy hours, and create countless gratuitous gifs

Library/Shelfie Space
The Team

We have about a collection of almost a thousand books in our studio library (including Tinybooks), freely available for borrowing and browsing. This is a great place for contemplation, relaxation, and taking group portraits that make us look smart. Check out our library catalog!

Production/Print Factory
The Team

Our printing station is fully operational! This is where we print out your beautiful posters, framed prints, and prototype new products. Sweat, beer, and ink flow freely here.

Pink & Gold Bathroom
The Team

We take sanitation so seriously here we painted it pink and gold! One of our restrooms resembles a history of art textbook exploded on a barbie dream house and we're not sorry. Sometimes we repaint it instead of cleaning it.

#Business Department
The Team

There are those among our team who enjoy working at an actual desk and we have sacrificed a section of the studio to their depraved desires. Need three monitors, a separate keyboard just for emojis, and a sword to open your IRS mail? Our business department has you covered.

Lofts on Lofts
The Team

We have a couple of lofts in our studio for those who favor a reclining desk. They are custom-built by our friends at Mixed Nuts and furnished with bean-bags, mattresses and retired disco balls. These spots also come in handy whenever you need a disco nap or a place to sleep tonight.

The Team

This is where we cook, make coffee, and hang out to avoid working. We keep it stocked with fresh local ingredients and a never-uncontroversial cookie selection. Note the conspicuous lack of microwave #dealwithit.

The Jam Room
The Team

We have a fully-equipped and soundproofed music room to jam out at the end of our days and hold covert meetings.

Rent the Space
The Team

This has all been one long ad; you can hold your next event here! In the past we've thrown happy hours, parties, blog meet-ups, movie nights, clothes swaps, performance art pieces, recording sessions with Yours Truly, and a Boiler Room concert with Toro y Moi. To find out more about renting or collaborating on an event, get in touch!
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We also have a bidet. No joke.