Bamboo Hangers

Now made of bamboo! These unique print hangers are handcrafted from beautifully sustainable bamboo. They grip together with super‐strong mini magnets and can be hung on your wall with the enclosed string or can be mounted directly to the wall with predrilled holes.

  • Large 20"‐ Good for portrait Grid Posters, 20x30 and 16x20 prints
  • Small 9"‐ Fits one Giant Photo Strip, 8x10 or 11x14 print.
$25 / $35 Select a size

Product Details


100% organically grown, renewable,
and FSC certified bamboo

Super-strong mini magnets

Tightly hold prints in place.

String Included

For easy hanging.

Predrilled Holes

To mount directly to the wall.

2 Sizes Available

Large Hanger: 20" across.
Small Hanger: 9" across.

Select a size

Perfectly Pairs With

Large format prints sizes 20x30 and 16x20.

Giant Photo Strips! Make sure to order two.

Hang a Grid Poster.