Large projected interactive photos aggregated from social media.


One of our specialities is creating custom social media visualization screens. If you can think of it, we can make it come to life...(and if you can't think of it, we have ideas!)

Real time content from any social network can be displayed as it is shared, encouraging guests to your event to share content with a specific hashtag so they can see their photos on the big screen.


  • We can include images from multiple source (Instagram, Twitter, Dropbox, your event photographer, and custom app integrations)
  • Powerful animation and interactivity options available (see our Creators Project!)
  • Works with any photo, video or text content.
  • Mosaics, overlays or calls to action can be periodically generated.
  • Can be used on any screen type (TV, projection, LED wall, etc)
  • Our elegant administration tools allow you to moderate content from your phone, tablet or desktop.

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