Why Print Studio?

We're a small company located in San Francisco and we live and die
by your choices alone. Here's why we haven't died yet.

8 Good Reasons!

1. Fiercely Independent

We've always been completely bootstrapped and we have no outside investors. We answer to no one but you.

2. The Prints

We're obsessed with the quality of our prints. We use only the best paper and inks, and each new product goes through countless rounds of testing on everyone from professional photographers to our moms.

3. No-hassle ordering

We made this website so anyone could use it. Ordering is simple, quick, and nice to look at. We also built an app to print your mobile photos and it's one of the best in the mobile printing world. Get the app.

4. Play over Profit

Being independent means we're free to prototype weird fantasy products that no one else is making like our Giant Photostrips or Tinybooks !

5. Our Policy

We only want to send you prints that you will love forever. With Social Print Studio you can expect risk-free printing, reprints on us, and a customer service team who will go to any lengths to make your day. Read our Printing Policy!


We now print 100% of our products right here in California. We do custom framing and prototyping in our San Francisco HQ, and fulfill the rest of your orders down the road in Santa Cruz, then ship them all over the world!

7. A For Profit Non-Profit

Many of our team pursue art and the company is dedicated to supporting others in their craft. In 2015, we launched an artist residency program and hosted three artists in our San Francisco studio.

8. You tell us?

We've never marketed aggressively. We've grown because you like our prints. We're always open to your feedback and to printing new ways into your hearts.
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