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We’re Social Print Studio, a print service company based in San Francisco. We make high quality, super affordable photo products right here in lovely California. John and Sherry have been fans of ours for ages (WAY before we were sponsors) so we’re really excited to team up with them for an exclusive discount for YHL listeners.

Get 15% off on our website and Print Studio app with code YHL15 until Dec. 9

John and Sherry’s DIY Favorites

Daily Calendar - $45

“This will be our fifth year buying their page-a-day calendars for Christmas gifts. So between us, my sisters and my cousins, we corral 365 of our favorite family photos from the last year and I assemble it into this awesome little page-a-day calendar. So throughout the year our whole family is enjoying the same new photos every day.”

“We give it to grandparents, parents, everybody loves it. And John even makes sure every person has a photo of themselves on their birthday or their anniversary which is extra sweet.”

Make your own Daily Calendar on the Print Studio app or on the Social Print Studio website.

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Collage Poster - from $25

“You guys remember how we used to take those weekly photos of our kids when they were babies? Social Print Studio was the only place we could find that made it easy to print up a big high quality poster of 52 weekly photos nicely gridded together.”

“We took weekly photos of our kids laying on colorful fabric backgrounds to document their growth during their first year of life. We loved the results so much it felt sad to just tuck them away in boxes or albums. So we ordered custom prints from Social Print Studio, a site that automatically arranges your favorite snapshots into a grid. The results are colorful and meaningful, and they fit easily into 20-by-30-inch frames...Grids like these are also great for a collection of first-day-of-school photos, pictures from a family vacation, or, of course, your favorite Instagrams.”

Make your own collage poster on the Print Studio app or on the Social Print Studio website.

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Print Studio App

“This year is the first year you can order the calendar straight from their Print Studio phone app. The interface is super easy to use and you can pull your photos in right from your phone’s camera roll and you don’t have to touch your computer once.”


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