How to print a Calendar

Want to print a custom tearaway Calendar from your photos?
We put together some hints and tips to make it easier!

ℹ️ Product Details

Our tearaway Calendar is one of our most popular products. It consists of 365 prints bound in a tearaway block and packaged in a small brown cardboard box.


β€’ Paper: The calendar pages are printed on 170 gsm uncoated paper. This paper is a bit thinner than our Classic Matte Prints, but is still quite sturdy.
β€’ Dimensions: Each calendar page measures 8.5cm x 7.0cm, the printed area measures 6cm x 6cm, and the whole block measures 7.5cm in height.

πŸ–₯ Browser and Device

For optimal experience, use a computer to create your calendar, not your phone. Work computers can have firewalls set up, so we recommend you use your home desktop or laptop computer. Our website works best on a Chrome browser. You may need to disable any ad or popup blockers.

🎨 Choose a layout

Instagram Uploading

The first thing you'll be prompted to choose when ordering a calendar is to select a layout. We offer three beautiful Calendar options:
β€’ Bold: The date overlaid on your image in large white text.
β€’ Small Date: Our most popular choice, your photo cropped to a square with date below it.
β€’ Dateless: No dates, just a block of 365 prints.

πŸ“† Start Dates

For most of the year, our Calendars are printed to start the 1st of the following month they are ordered in.
e.g. if you order a calendar in July, it will begin in August and end the following July.

Around October we print all calendars to begin the January of the following year.

We do not offer custom start dates.

πŸ“Έ Gathering Photos

The minimum size photo you can print in a calendar is 612 x 612 pixels. This is relatively small so you will find that you have a lot of options for printing. Here are some tips for finding and organizing your calendar-worthy photos.

From Instagram: You can directly connect your Instagram to our uploader and upload your photos 50 at a time. To bulk select photos, click the first photo, hold down shift, and click the last photo. If you want your photos to appear in rough chronological order, scroll to the bottom and upload the oldest photos first.

Instagram Uploading

You can also search for specific Instagram photos by typing in keywords from their captions in the search bar:

Instagram Search

From your iPhone photos: If you have iCloud set up, you can access your iPhone photos by logging into your iCloud account on your computer. You will be able to bulk download the photos you want to print. You can also Airdrop multiple photos to your computer or email them from your phone. We suggest you create a folder to organize all your images, suggested folder name: "Best Calendar Ever."


From Google Photos: Log into your Google Photos account on your computer and download the albums or individual photos you want to print. You can also access your Google Photos directly through our uploader, but using the website allows you to view your images more clearly.

Google Photos

From email: An overlooked area where you may be storing photos is in email attachments your family and friends sent you. Try searching your inbox for emails from certain people with a filter set for attachments. You may find a trove of images.

Email Search

From other people's Instagrams: If you have express permission from the user, you can use a Chrome plug-in like Image Downloader to download Instagram photos from other people's Instagrams or those you've saved in your collection.

πŸ‘©β€πŸ’» Uploading

Upload your photos 50 at a time. We recommend you upload your photos in roughly the order you want them to appear in your calendar. If you have more than 365, don't sweat it, you can deselect photos after you upload them. Uploading takes a while, so feel free to read some fun articles in other tabs. If you upload fewer than 365 photos, you can "autofill" the calendar by automatically duplicating the ones you've uploaded.


οΈπŸ’ž Rearranging

If you want photos to land on a certain date, you can drag them to the date in question. To span multiple months, you may need to drag with one finger while scrolling with two on your trackpad.


πŸ’³ Checking Out

We advise you to check out ASAP after creating your calendar. Products left in your cart for multiple days can expire and you will lose your work.

️🐣 Starting Over

Want to start afresh? Just go back to the upload page and click refresh.


More questions? Hit up with all your calendar queries.