Metal Prints

Print your photos on metal to transform them into a beautiful and modern piece of art! With just a few clicks we’ll turn your digital, mobile, and social media photos into ready-to-hang metal prints with a high-gloss finish. Choose from 35 sizes, from 4x4 to panoramic.

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Color That Pops

Our Metal Prints are printed on high-gloss aluminum that enhances color and gives your photos shine and lustre.

35 Sizes

35 different sizes are available to accommodate any space, big or small. Choose from square, rectangular, or round Metal Prints to frame your photos just so.

Easy Hanging

We preinstall a floating hanger so mounting
your print is a breeze.


They're waterproof, scratch-proof,

Perfectly Pairs With

Bamboo Wood Blocks ‐ Not a ton of wall space left? You can prop these beauties on a surface with our Bamboo Wood Blocks. The small size perfectly fits up to a 5x5" Metal Print or you can use the large size for prints up to 8x10".

Modern Framed Prints ‐ Sleek frames and Metal Prints make a great duo for a minimal and modern look.

Wood Prints ‐ We love to mix and match different printed materials in a gallery wall.

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What real customers have to say about our Metal Prints

"Dear Sirs & Ladies I discovered your Company on line a month or so ago. And must say I am thrilled with you so far. I placed two separate orders so far for Metal Prints. And I must say the pictures are magnificent. Very clear and the colors are the best I have ever seen. Keep up the excellent work. I will be ordering more in the future."

- Ronald Burnett

"Received package I ordered! Love love love it!!!! Thank you I will recommend to friends and this was so easy and fun to do. the metal print exceeded my expectations!!!!!! The magnets are awesome!!! This package made my day and it’s for my husband’s birthday."

- Traci beighle

"I ordered an 8 x 8 photo on metal and it turned out gorgeous! I love that it stands out from the wall, and the high gloss finish looks like glass."

- Susan B

"I use your site ALL THE TIME!!! Latest to put my two grown boys annual school pictures on metal! I also just ordered business cards, love that you’ve added that!!"

- Kim Garrett

"We love the metal prints! Very modern and minimalist style!"

- Amy M

"My metal print was perfect. I feel like the production and shipping times were extremely quick as well"

- Laura L

"Best service with so much loving detail put into every order! My go to for making photo prints. And I love our metal prints-they look so sharp on our wall. Thanks for getting folks out of just digital and making memories tangible and easily obtainable!"

- ooolookjilly

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We love seeing what you do with your metal prints. Tag us at @SocialPS.

Metal Prints make for a clean gallery wall in your home, or in your office as seen here by @amaorandbaking.

The larger print sizes make great statement pieces for that one perfect photo, like this one by @wrightkitchen.

Metal Prints FAQ

Product Details

How in the name of science are these made?!

Aren’t they cool? Metal prints are one of the most popular ways professional photographers print. They’re made using a special dye infusion process that prints directly onto specially coated aluminum sheets. This results in a high gloss, luminescent finish.

Each print arrives with a floating hanger that can be easily hung on a nail or hook. Choose from 35 sizes in square, rectangular, round, and panoramic.

Can I print my Instagram photos on metal?

Yep, metal-up those IG photos! Newer Instagram photos are 1080x1080 pixels, so are technically large enough for printing as large as 10x10”. Older Instagram photos can be much smaller, so may not be large enough for this product.

For the highest quality print, we do recommend using your original files for this particular product as Instagram does compress images. We have more information on how large we recommend printing photos here.

What size do my images need to be for the larger Metal Prints? I don’t want them to turn out pixelated.

Us either. Check out the minimum photo sizes below. We also have a fantastic guide on how large you should print your photos here.

Square Metal Prints:

Rectangular Metal Prints:

Round Metal Prints:

How do I know if my photo will print well?

Our uploader will block photos that are too small for a particular metal print size, but it is unable to tell if a photo is blurry, pixelated, or taken in low light. These are all factors that can cause a correctly sized photo to not print as well. A good way to tell if your photo will print well on a larger scale is to check the resolution. We print at 300 dpi and photos at or near this resolution will print best.

 If you are still nervous, you can perform what we call the "zoom test" on your image prior to upload. Open up your photo on your computer's photo viewer, and zoom in a little bit. If you see pixelation when you zoom, this will also show up in print.

As a general rule, we recommend printing photos that are taken in natural light. Indoor photos at low light can look fuzzy. Check out our photo editing guide that will help you choose and edit your photos for the best possible prints. 

Still hesitant to print? Email our team of customer service empaths at hello@sps.io for helpful guidance. 

A Note on Cropping

Our Metal Prints are always printed full bleed. Due to the nature of full bleed printing and trimming, we recommend keeping all important subjects at least 0.25” from the edge of your print shown on the cropping menu or print preview. Full bleed prints can be cropped up to an additional 0.25” from this preview so we recommend keeping all vital limbs, heads, and text away from these crop lines.

Anything else I should know about Metal Prints?

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