Our Privacy Policy

tldr - You own your photos, we never rent or sell your data to
advertisers, and we never share your photos or information beyond what is
required to complete your order.

Here at Social Print Studio we are committed to protecting your privacy and data as far as we legally can. We have seen Citizenfour and we care. Most privacy policies scare the bejesus out of us, so we've tried to put this in human terms. Let's do this!

What information do we collect? πŸ‘€

When you make an order with Social Print Studio there is certain information you provide us with to complete your order. This is:

β€’ The name, address, and telephone number in your shipping details.
β€’ The photos you have ordered for printing.
β€’ Your email address and any emails you may have sent to us with product questions.

Additionally when you make an order we can access certain information which we may use to make our services better:

β€’ Your IP address and anonymized Google analytics information about how you navigate our site.
β€’ If you order from our app Print Studio we can see what device and operating system you used to order. eg. iPhone 5, iOS 8.
β€’ If you connect your Instagram to our site, we can access data related to your Instagram account which you have made public.

What information do we NOT collect? πŸ‘€

β€’ Your payment information is handled by our credit card processor Stripe. We never see your full card details. Stripe is an industry-leading online payment processor and you can read about them and their comprehensive security measures here.

β€’ We do not collect any photos that you do not select for printing. When you connect your Instagram account to our site, we only store the images you select for printing in your final order and when you order from our app we only store the photos you send us for printing. We cannot see any images you have sent via Instagram messages or otherwise have on your device. Have no fear!

β€’ We cannot see the file names of any images you upload to our site, they are converted into numerical values by our system. If you've saved a picture as "futurelover.jpg" or "archnemesis.jpg" and order it for printing, we cannot see this file name - phew!

β€’ We do not knowingly solicit or collect information from those under 13, in accordance with the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act. Our site is intended for use by those over 13.

How do we store your information? πŸ”

The photos you order for printing and any information you supply us with will be saved in our secure servers. We use Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) to store this information. This is a widely used and highly regarded storage service with clients like Netflix, Pinterest, and WeTransfer. It uses SSL encryption to secure your data during transmit and stores it on servers that require cutting edge biometric authentication to access. Only a handful of trusted employees of Social Print Studio can access this data and we have never had any security breaches in our four years as a company.

Why do we store your information? πŸ”

We store your information so we can complete your order and so we can reprint your order at a future date should you request this service or should your initial order be lost or damaged. Additionally, in the crazy world that we live in, it is cheaper to store data than to delete it. Therefore we do not currently offer an easy method for you to delete your information from our secure servers once you have placed an order.

Photo Content and Copyright πŸ™ˆ

β€’ With regard to photo content, we will print what you send us for printing. You are responsible for ensuring that the content of your photos does not violate copyright or transgress laws in your country. Nudity is fine by us.

β€’ In terms of copyright, when you order photos for printing, this does not affect your ownership of these photos. You still own the copyright to your images and you do not give up any rights over them. Your photos are still your photos, printed or not.

Opting Out πŸ™…

There a few things you can opt out of when you order from us:

β€’ You do not have to create an account to order, this is only if you want to save your address and payment information for future orders.
β€’ You are always free to opt out from following us on Instagram should this opportunity present itself.
β€’ You are always free to unsubscribe from our email newsletters. We don't want to spam you!

Third Parties πŸ‘ͺπŸŽ‰

β€’ We never share your information with third parties beyond those required to complete your order, eg. our trusted printers, payment processor, and shipping providers.

β€’ We never rent or sell your information and photos to any other third parties (e.g. advertisers, data brokers, journalists, external businesses, deities, your disapproving relatives) and we will never otherwise share your data unless required to by law or subpoena.

β€’ We are not a subsidiary or cog in some larger corporate machine that can access your information. We are fiercely independent, always and forever!

πŸ™‹ Contact

If you have any questions about this, please feel free to email us at hello@sps.io. We've got your back!