Tiny Cards

The best ideas for what to do with Social Print Studio products come from our customers, and we were so stoked to see our Tinybooks used as wedding favors by @itsashleysmith, customized with our own Lil' Stickers! Each Tinybook is a miniature photobook printed with your own photos inside, and our Stickers are little 2 cm x 2 cm photo stickers. Here's how @itsashleysmith combined them for her wedding favors.

Tiny Cards

Tinybooks are a genius choice of wedding favor because they serve as both a conversation piece for those mired on a table of strangers, and an adorable memorandum for each guest to take home. Each book is printed with our heart logo on the front, but if that's not romantic enough for you, they're super easy to personalize with your own custom cover using our Lil' Stickers!

Here's how...

1. Create your tinybooks


Our Tinybooks contain 24 miniature photos apiece and we print them in sets of 3. They measure 1.7” x 1.5” and each book is magnetic so they can stick to a fridge or each other. You can print photos in them from your Instagram account, or upload them from your computer. Portrait photos print best in Tinybooks as they fill each tiny page. We advise against printing landscape photos as they will be printed very small. Choose 24 photos to document your relationship that your guests will enjoy.

2. Create your stickers


Now, to create a custom cover for your Tinybooks, print some Lil' Stickers. In this example we used a logo incorporating the initials of the couple. You can create beautiful custom logos at DesignEvo then save them as a jpeg file and upload them for printing on our website. Alternatively you can print a photo on each sticker. Be sure to choose a photo with lots of space around the subjects as the corners of your photo will be trimmed on each sticker.

3. Customize your tinybooks


Finally, stick your custom stickers onto all your Tinybooks. Conveniently our stickers are the perfect size to cover our heart logo on the front of each book. You get 252 stickers in each order so you can cover a whole lotta Tinybooks!

Feeling ready? Here's a link to all the resources mentioned in this article:

Tinybooks - Set of 3 Tinybooks for $15.
Lil' Stickers - 252 Stickers for $18.
DesignEvo - for custom wedding logos.
Happy pup - for encouragement.

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