Save the Date Stickers

Way back in 2012, Jen from Something Turquoise posted a Save-the-Date DIY featuring our Mini Stickers, which was crazy popular. The idea is to send out your save the dates with little photo stickers for your guests to stick on their calendars. It's an adorable and fun way to make sure your guests don't forget your wedding date. The DIY got so much love that Jen created a bunch more beautiful designs. Here are some of our favorites...

1. The Classic

This was one of Jen's original designs, and you can download her free templates for any upcoming year! All you need is some thick paper, tape, and of course our Mini Stickers printed from your favorite couple photo.
Top tip: be sure to print a photo with plenty of space around the subjects, our Mini Stickers can crop up to 2mm off each side of your photo! See the full post on Something Turquoise.

2. The Washi

For a sleek and modern design try this DIY from Something Turquoise. It includes multi-colored Washi tape to add a splash of color to your cards. Washi tape is a super versatile tape you can get in tons of adorable patterns. It's also great for sticking prints to your walls and in scrapbooks!

3. The 3-way

If you're looking for something crafty, in this DIY you can choose from three ways to affix your stickers to your card, including string, paper clips, or colorful Washi tape. Since our Mini Stickers come in sets of 252, you'll have plenty to experiment with!

4. The Color Block

If you already have a color palate for your wedding, or you just want a bold look, here are four colorful options, perfect for narrow #10 size envelopes. It's a lot easier to accomplish than it looks!

Ready to get some stickers? Shop Mini Stickers - set of 252 stickers for $18.

And if you want to see more of Something Turquoise's DIYs featuring our prints, check out:
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Special thanks to Jen from Something Turquoise for allowing us to feature her work!

p.s. If you have any DIYs featuring our products that you'd like to see here, contact us at 👋

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