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Mother’s Day has come and gone and as the weather warms and we slide into summer, it can be easy to forget that Father’s Day is coming soon. Maybe it’s because dads are hard to buy for, maybe it’s because they forget the day themselves. Regardless, we’re here to help! From our experience, dads are far more sentimental than you'd think, particularly when presented with a printed gift, and we have a ton of options... #DadDeservesPhotosToo

For the outdoorsy dad

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For the dad that’s always planning his next adventure, we recommend the Santa Cruz Framed Print. The rustic wooden frame makes a great setting for a landscape photo or a snap of your dad out in his element. Each frame measures 4" x 4" and is made in Santa Cruz from reclaimed barnwood, equipped with an alligator hanger on the back for easy hanging.

For the modern dad
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For the dad who loves to curate everything, the Classic Grid Frame is both pleasing on the eyes and keeps family photos sleek and organized for home or office. With up to 16 photos in each frame, you can create a beautiful collage of everything your dad holds near and dear. Expertly framed in a 12” x 12” wooden frame complete with sawtooth hanger on the back. Available in 5 colors.

for the dad on the move

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Maybe he never sits at his desk, maybe he doesn’t have a desk! If the dad in your life is not the type to sit still for long, our Miniprints are the perfect fit. They can easily slip into a wallet so he can always carry a piece of your heart with him. Printed on archival-quality 300gsm cardstock to last multiple timezones and climates.

for the dad really on the move

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We love Minibooks for dads that have to be gone for longer stretches of time. Whether traveling for work or serving overseas in the military, our minibooks are the perfect option for traveling; they're each a whole mini photo album that can be tucked into a pocket. Photos are printed 50 to a book on cardstock with a glossy photo-finish and kept safe by the laminate cover and spiral binding.

for all of the dads

If the man doesn’t require a gift, surely he will still appreciate a custom card with a hand-selected photo?! Our app Greetings has updated Father’s Day designs so you can pick out the perfect template to celebrate the dad in your life.

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