Our Tiny Cards are an adorable way to make custom Valentine's Day cards. They measure just 2.5" x 2.5" and come in sets of 24, envelopes included. They are perfect for classroom Valentines or as tags for your romantic gifts. Here's how you can customize them with your own photos and text...

📸 Add your own photos

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To customize Tiny Cards with your own photos, simply select them, choose between full-bleed and bordered, and upload your photos for printing from your computer. You can also connect your Instagram, Facebook, and Flickr and print directly from your account.

From our app Print Studio you can print Tiny Cards with any photos you can access on your iPhone or Android. That's probably where all your photos are, anyway.

📝 Add your own text

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If you want to go a little further and add text to your cards, there are some cool tools for doing so. We're partial to Font Candy, which is an iPhone app. You can add your own text and layer it on your favorite photos easily using your phone. You can also just search the app store on your device to find other options.

If you'd prefer to create your cards on your computer, BeFunky is a neat online tool to layer text over a photo, with a super-easy functionality and tons of font options. Here's one we made earlier:

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Once you've created your image, you can upload it for printing on our website or on Print Studio app.

🤷‍♀️ can't someone else just do this for me

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If you wish someone else had created some all-purpose cute text templates for you to use because romance is hard, you're in luck! Here's a set of Valentine's Day text templates you can download and print on our Tiny Cards. Just upload them for printing on our website or app.

📚 Resources

Here's a list of the resources to use to create your perfect custom Valentines.
♦︎ Tiny Cards on our website.
♦︎ Print Studio App for iPhone and iPad.
♦︎ Free Text Templates Zip to download and use.
♦︎ Font Candy for iOS to create text images and overlay text on photos.
♦︎ BeFunky to overlay text on photos online.
♦︎ Some easy listening to get you in the mood for love.

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Have fun! Email us with any questions to 💁

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