Scrapbook with Stickers

June 29, 2020

We welcome scrapbookers of all stripes into the Social Print Studio fold. Our products are made for keeping memories and we love to help you preserve your legacy however you do it. Today we’re focusing on one of our all-time favorite scrapbooking products: Photo Stickers! Read on to hear from SPS customer Cherrell Misleh on why she loves our stickers for preserving her memories in books.

The Motivation

Cherrell is a mother to two girls, ages six months and almost three-year-old. Wanting a solution to document their lives, she looked for a way to preserve memories as they grow without all of the supplies and time her mother dedicated to the craft.

“My mother was a scrapbooker. She had the paper, the stickers, the hole puncher thingys, you name it-she had it. She took oodles of pictures to keep sacred the moments of us as children. From her, my love of photography emerged.

I, however, am not a scrapbooker. I don’t have the patience or the time to arts and craft a memory book together, nor do I have the ability to only pick one or two photos for an entire event. So I took a different approach. I combined my love for photography and my necessity to document as many memories as possible in a single book.”

Scrapbook with Stickers

The Stickers

Scrapbook with Stickers

Enter, our easy breezy Photo Stickers!

Sticker Details:
    • High-quality 2” x 2” photos
    • 4 sheets of stickers (24 total)
    • Select a different photo for each or
      duplicate as you’d like

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24 stickers for $16

The Process

“I have a two part system I've put in place to overcome my desire to print every picture I take. I started a separate album on my phone called "Print Me." Every couple of months I'll scroll through my camera roll and choose my favorite pictures I want printed for their journals and I'll move them into this album. Then when it comes time to order them, I can narrow it down even further, if necessary, when uploading them to the Social Print App. This has been such a helpful process for me and I actually get stickers printed instead of them just sitting in a camera roll till the end of time.

Social Print sticker photos check more than one box for me: I can fit multiple photos in a section, AND they won’t bulk up the pages after 18 years of stickers have been applied. I couldn’t of asked for anything more fit for these memory keepsakes.”

Grid Posters

The Book

In addition to searching out the perfect stickers, Cherrell went on the hunt for the perfect book to preserve them. “I settled on the Childhood Promptly Journal, dedicated to documenting the time from pregnancy-18 years old. There’s also a section you place your favorite picture within, but as I said before, choosing just one photo that sums up a phase in my daughters’ lives is nearly impossible for me!” Photo Stickers to save the day! With their small size, several can be included on each page. No memory left behind!

The Book

Beyond Promptly, there are many books on the market for keeping memories. A few more to consider:

Final Thoughts

“Yes I’m making these journals for my girls, but they are also for me. For me to remember those sleepless nursing nights (but honestly who can forget those, Amirite?!), those silly words they mispronounced, and all the transitions we are going to encounter in the years to come. To sit and re-read these entries with my girls, and show them my favorite pictures of them is what makes my heart leap. Time is a thief, but I’ll keep the memories safe and secure.” Thanks to Cherrell for sharing her beautiful photos and a little bit about her process with us. Her final words:

“To all you wanna-be scrapbookers like myself, take an easier, less messy approach and get to stickin'!”

Scrapbook with Stickers
Scrapbook with Stickers

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