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May 8, 2020

It’s not even halfway through and already 2020 is shaping up to be a challenging year. (Challenging is a euphemism for dumpster fire, FYI). What stage of processing are you on? Disbelief, anger, confusion, grief, day drinking, acceptance of new and unfamiliar things? It’s a lot to navigate. We’ve found as the stages unfold, there are good ones mixed in too. Gratefulness, silver lining-seeking, even joy. For us, seeing customers use our prints to connect with others in new ways has been a true joy. Here is a rundown of some of the products we’ve seen you use to stay connected:

Photo Greeting Cards

Our Greeting Cards have long been a stand-out of our product line-up and they’re having a moment in this era of connecting in new ways. Printed here in the US on 100% recycled paper, the quality of our cards is evident once you get them in your hands. They come in four sizes from our Tiny Cards (adorable 2.5x2.5" squares) up to a generous 5x7” size and each set comes with brown kraft envelopes. Starting at less than $1/card, they’re less than store-bought and make a super thoughtful way to send custom mail.

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Stay Connected - Greeting Cards
Just ordered cards to send to friends and family as as another way to stay connected during these times of social distancing. look forward to receiving them. I just received my cards and they are perfect! High quality note paper, photos are not pixelated as they sometimes are from online services and delivery was fast. The app is intuitive and easy to use. -sfreviewer


Favorite people & favorite memories printed on big, beautiful 5x7 prints with an adorable postcard backing? We’re in. Larger than standard postcards and printed with a semi-gloss finish for a classy look and feel. Strong and sturdy for mailing and high quality enough to frame, Postcards come in sets of 12 for $16.

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Stay Connected - Postcards
I made a small first order of postcards and they looked even better than I had imagined! Just made another bigger order and I’m excited to see them soon. The paper and print quality are just what I was looking for!” -Sidni S

Photo Strips

Stay Connected - Photo Strips

These retro strips are super affordable at just over a dollar per strip! They make the cutest bookmarks and they slide into cards and envelopes effortlessly. Edit your photos to make them black & white using an app like Priime for an old-timey look, or pick photos in a cohesive color scheme for a pleasing strip of photos. Just $12 for a set of 9, packaged in a brown kraft sleeve.

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The quality of the photo strips really caught me off guard. I love that the pictures have a matte finish and a white border. I’m not afraid to handle the pictures and also it just feels like high quality when I handle them. I was really excited to show my family because the photo strip also looks cool!” -Ang_elica24

Classic Prints

Stay Connected - Classic Prints

Don’t overthink it! Download the Print Studio app, select Classic Prints, connect to your Instagram or your camera roll, and select the snapshots you want to hold in your hands. The weight and feel of our smooth cardstock prints is satisfying and they come in sets so you have plenty to share in fun ways as they occur to you. Attach one to a loaf of sourdough to leave on a friend’s doorstep (yeah, we’re on the bread bandwagon) or include a stack in a care package.

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These are hands down the best quality prints I’ve ever seen! Just normal snaps on your phone camera are frame worthy when you receive them. Quick, quality and at a reasonable price. Couldn’t beat it -Laura Rodney Palmer

Tiny Books

A mini gallery that slips right into a little mailer. A book of classmates, far-away family, or 2019 memories you want in your hands, perhaps? In addition to being adorable, these books are also magnetic so they stick to the fridge and each other! Tiny Books come in sets of three with 24 photos in each. Pick 24 photos for three identical books, or 72 photos if you’d like each to be unique.

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Stay Connected - Tiny Books
We ordered the tiny books as gifts for the children next door who love our puppy. They were so excited to have their own mini album of his first year!  Priceless. The books are well made and so promptly delivered. We will absolutely use this company again and again. -sazd23

Thanks for continuing to share with us through your Instagram posts, reviews in the App Store, and emails. We’re getting by on the inspiration we see in others. And photos. Printed photos for staying connected. We’re grateful to the loyal fans spreading the good word about who we are and what we do so our small business can keep on keeping us connected. <3

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