Softcover Photo Book

Professional print quality meets easy-to-use software in a beautiful catalog-style photo book complete with custom cover options.

  • Measures 8x10”; 38 pages
  • Printed on 100% recycled 118gsm paper with a luster finish
  • Full-page spreads, grids, optional captions, and more
  • Made in the USA
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Printed in a professional photo lab on 100%
recycled Forest Stewardship Council-certified
paper with a luster finish.


“Such a great quality product.
Looked like a magazine book.“

Juliana S.

Customizable Cover

Personalize your cover with one
stand-out image, a grid, or another
acustom design featuring your title.

Flexible Layouts

Choose a different layout for each page.
Resize pictures, change background color,
and add captions to your liking.


Perfectly bound—no glue,
staples, or stitching


“Social Print has been my go-to for all photo
prints for years. The quality is amazing. The paper
they print on has such a sturdy feel to it.
I love, love, love Social Print Studio.“

Stacey P.

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>4.88 stars from 48 reviews
What real customers have to say about our Softcover Photo Books


Teresa M.

Photo book

"Purchased a photo book for a friend and she loved it!! "

Maggie K.


"Absolutely reproduction Fantastic quality Such great memories of our holiday "

Kassandra F.

Prints and Books

"I always order my prints from here. They are always thicker than traditional prints so they don’t bend and crease easily. Which I love. I orders two soft cover photo books and the quality is stunning! I’m already planning to order more of these for every trip we take in the future and I’ll be ordering one for my mom after her trip to Alaska! Cannot recommend this company enough! "

Claire M.

Great Travel Photo books

"I love the quality of the pages, the speed of delivery and the price. The quality of the photos are often hits but there are a few that missed- some images were not as sharp and some colors changed. I also wish you are able to provide a layout design and not limit it to one photo per page. I have to make collages using a different app and upload it as a photo to have several photos in one pages. "

Thanks for the kind words! Often the difference in sharpness and color depends on the uploaded files, but we'll definitely look into the quality issues you mentioned. we do offer multi-photo layouts on the Social Print Studio website which is a great option for more layouts than the app offers.


Becky E.

We have several now!

"We are in the process of making these photo books for many of our families bigger moments and vacations. We love the style of these books. They make great coffee table books and memory keepsake, and because they are essentially a printed magazine-type photo book, pictures don’t fall out or get misplaced. We will continue making more, we love them!"

Yanti T.

Love these books!

"Our daughter loves her photo books & so do we! They are bright, engaging and well put together! "

Luciana Q.

Softcover album

"They are such a good quality "

Jenna M.

Love this app

"I love how everything is ready to be placed and used when you receive the package. The pictures always look amazing. Superb quality and service. Cannot live without it!"

Jessica A.

Amazing quality!

"Love this Softcover Photo book! I ended up making a second one shortly after. It feels like a high quality magazine made with recycled paper - so it has a nice matte finish and thick pages. Def recommend! "

Kristine C.

Love it!

"I love the softcover photobook look because it looks like a high end magazine with high quality paper and color. High recommend! "

Nicole T.

Great for gifts

"I love making photo albums with Social Print for friends and family. A lot of photos can fit into one book and the matte printing is great."

Rachel O.

Minimalist memory-keeper!

"I make a softcover book to highlight each year of our marriage. 5 years in and still loving the product. Only 38 photos but it’s actually a good way for me to filter through all the thousands of photos I take each year! Will continue to use this photo book for years to come. "

Katie S.

Photo book


Matilda Y.

Love my book!

"Kept one and gave it as a gift. Wonderful way to commemorate a special trip!"

Nicole B.

Great book

"I put together a book of memories for each year, the only thing that we've noticed would improve the book is the ability to add text to the spine. For us, being able to add the year to the spine as well as the front would be terrific, but otherwise, the books come out perfectly each time. "

Kianoosh T.

Best way to capture memories

"The quality is awesome and the app is super easy to use. I created mine in under 20 mins (hard time picking photos) My kids love flipping through it and reliving memories!!! "

Roberta H.

Social Print studio - review

"As always, excellent quality! Delivered quickly, easy to order! Social print studio Never disappoints! "

Hilary R.

My go to

"I’ve been ordering from this company for over 7 years (since my daughter was born) and I always get compliments on the quality. I’d never order from anywhere else! "

Stacey P.

Excellent quality

"Social Print has been my go-to for all photo prints for years. The quality is amazing. The paper they print on has such a sturdy feel to it. I ordered a book for the first time and it was a great experience. Easy to figure out, came to me in a timely way. They are always available to answer any questions. I love, love, love Social Print Studio."

Sonya S.

Softcover Photo Book

"I have ordered a few of the softcover photo books from Social Print and the quality never disappoints. "

claudia g.

Recap your short stay in a soft manner

"I do like these booklets. Printed memories are the best way to waste your time. I am no couch potato at all b u t I do like to browse my printed photos at a glance "

Karen T.

Malibu Beach VRBO

"There are many good companies out there in the printing world and I have used them. None of them compare to “Social Print Studio”. This last weekend my wife and I took a vacation rental in Malibu, California. One of our projects involved exploring Boxes. I bought many of the “SPS” stickers (and also boxes on line), and then we all added all of the picture stickers to the boxes. We had a blast sharing the photos and looking at the pictures. I also had a hand full of soft photo books laying around. We started creatively adding the photo stickers to the books. Everyone commented on the quality being superior to anything out there! Thank you for your quality and responsive customer support. I love your service, product and your “Social” awareness. I now only use you! (Look closely at the stickers on the little coffee table) Have a wonderful day Best, Karen & Karen "

Craig I.

Photo book order

"Easy to use the layout. Quick return. Good quality. Will use again"

Ryan T.

Great for bringing images into to the tangible world

"How often do images from trips and important events die a slow forgotten death on hard drives to never see the tangible light of day? I'd say all too many. I love the ease of use of creating prints with Social Print Studio, so after promising myself I'd print more of my work, it would only be fitting to try their Softcover Photo book for a recent trip to the 5 Parks in Utah. SPS didn't disappoint! Hands down, for the value, I'm glad we printed photos from this memorable trip, friends who have seen it ask where we printed it, and it has me thinking about what else I can print in a book. I highly recommend SPS Softcover Photo Books for the ease of use end to end, from creating it in their portal to delivery. Won't be my last print from them for sure 10/10, Would recommend. "

Monica C.

Made My Day

"This book, from cover to cover, really captured my intent. It is easy to store if needed, the photos are crisp and clear. I never imagined my IG photos would reach this level of clarity. This is a book that I could easily give as a gift…… but I’m hanging onto it for now! This was my first experience with a soft cover book from Social Print. I usually get cards and postcards. I had to create a second book, it will arrive tomorrow. The suspense has me wanting to see it yesterday. I often wonder if the folks that assemble these books see some pretty awesome photos that they themselves like. I’m sure there are plenty to chose from. Anyhow, just want to say, I haven’t been disappointed in the past several years using this site to preserve and conserve my memories. Thanks to your skilled team, always contact available with any question I might have, my old school photos have been introduced to an extended new age look. Technology and creative skill are at work, I suspect, Social Print Studio doesn’t know about the word disappoint, so let’s not tell them it even exists! Love you forever! Monica"

Tiphanie G.

Nice look

"I was really pleased with how it turned out"

Erin G.

Come for the quality, stay for the service

"The photo book was better than expected. Full bleed and high saturation. So beautiful. I also so impressed with their customer service. They are kind and responsive and thoughtful. 7 stars."

Anusheh W.


"Great quality, easy to make"

Jacquie S.

Love all the products

"Been getting books and pics for 10+yrs. Fantastic company "

Juliana S.


"Such a great quality product. Looked like a magazine book"

Adele W.

Love this

"I love these, I order them every year as Christmas gifts."

Christine D.

Perfect Grandparent Gift

"I order these as Christmas gifts each year. I choose photos from the year for the grandparents to see. They are beautifully printed and arrive quickly."

Kelsey G.

Great work

"Love Social Print! I’ve used them multiple times for different types of pics & every time they come out wonderful. Shipping doesn’t take forever & I’ve never had any issues. Highly recommend 10’s across the board."

Arezou K.

Definitely will make more

"I can't believe how easy and simple it was to do and the final process turned out beautifully. Definitely plan on doing our next adventure with this softcover photo book."

Thai C.

Always a win

"These are the only photo books I ever make. They are simple and easy to make. They make great gifts, too. Most importantly, everyone at Social Print Studio is amazing to work with. The customer service is phenomenal and I have no reason to go anywhere else."

Cheryl G.

Great Keepsakes

"Well made, pretty good reproduction of cellphone photos. Love to make these for gifts. "

Lexi C.

Great, but picture color was a little dark

"We love our soft cover books. Some of the pictures were printed too dark/too much ink so it looks different than our actual pictures, but the majority of the pictures are perfect! "

Hi there! We are so sorry to hear that those images appeared a little darker than expected! That certainly is not good, and we will be reaching out regarding that to see if there is anything we can do to help out with that! Thank you so much!


Patrick H.

Excellent present for family

"Grandparents want presents of grandkids. I needn’t say more."

Angelique A.


"Absolutely thrilled! It made a beautiful gift. Thank you Social Print Studio!"

Lane B.


"It is awesome. I will continue to use your services. 👍"

aniko k.

Love the books

"Here’s an important question. As a photographer, I at times include a complimentary catalog, and at times, I’ll get additional orders. But I need to prepare the second order from scratch. Any chance of making reorders available?? Love all the items I’ve ordered. You guys are great. Aniko "

Jane G.


"Great "

Roy P.

Excellent quality

"Great product -- we love it!"

Jo B.

It Was AVery Goof Year

"I wanted a different cover and didn’t know how to change it. The one they picked was also good"

Nancy L.


"Loved it! Told everyone about you guys. "

Ruby T.

Jamaica’s Encanto party

"I loved it, kind of difficult to navigate but worth it!"

Donovan C.

Soft Cover Photo Book for Mother's Day Came Through!

"Book is great. Maybe I could have made sure the images were high resolution prior to the order but I was up against the clock. "

Daniela M.

Very happy

"It’s perfect good quality "

Your prints on the @socialprintstudio Instagram

We love seeing what you do with your Softcover Photo Book. Tag us at @socialprintstudio.

Softcover Photo Books have a lovely zine-like quality and are beloved by all ages, as shown by @paigegeffken.

Preserve your travel memories like @heartfelt_traveller did and choose from a variety of cover options.

Softcover Photo Book FAQ

Product details

Finally, your teenage fantasies of creating your own zine have come true! Softcover Photobooks offer a classic 8x10” (20.3x25.4 cm) size and boast full-bleed pages printed on 100% recycled 118 gsm FSC-certified photo-paper. The 38 pages are perfectly bound, meaning they are bound with no glue, staples, or stitching. Perfect as a portfolio, brochure, or gift for a very special someone.

I’m a photo book newbie. How do I print a Softcover Photobook?

For a simple tutorial on how to print your first Softcover Photobook, check out our how-to guide here. Our tutorial will guide you through possible layouts, photo counts, re-arranging, and captions so when you are ready to place your order you will already be a pro!

Ordering Tips

If you are using the app, please only use English characters for your titles and captions on your Softcover Photobook. Emojis or non-English characters will not print. All characters will print in photobooks made using the website. 

We cannot save photobook projects as you go, and we recommend uploading, arranging, and checking out with your book right away. Browsers left open over multiple hours can refresh, and this may cause you to lose your work. We are working on a save feature, but this is a huge undertaking and will take some time.

If you do not have a ton of time to place your order (we all have things to do, we understand), we recommend creating a folder on your desktop for your project. When you have a few minutes, you can drag your photos for your book there. Once you have time, you can then upload all of your photos and rearrange them to your liking, as well as checkout.

A Note on Cropping

Our Softcover Photobooks features pages and cover options that can be chosen to print full bleed. Due to the nature of full bleed printing and trimming, we recommend keeping all important subjects at least 0.25” from the edge shown on the cropping menu and print preview. Full bleed prints can be cropped up to an additional 0.25” from this preview so we recommend keeping all vital limbs, heads, and text away from these crop lines.

Can Instagram Photos be used for these books?

We don't recommend using older Instagram photos in our Softcover Photobooks. They will be printed with a large amount of white space around them because the image size is too small to be printed full bleed.

If you would like to print your older Instagram photos, there are some grid page options that have small enough grids to facilitate the smaller Instagram file size. We recommend these grid options for smaller social media photos as printing them full bleed can result in pixelated pages.

What happened to your old uploader?

This tech company got new tech! The new photo book maker is user friendly, allows you to print multiple photos per page, and avoids issues with larger Instagram photos. After many years of leaving the older photobook maker up and running, we no longer support it. The old uploader had old tech and we saw issues arising that led to orders failing. Give the new maker a whirl and if you have any suggestions on how to make it better, email us at

Photos as a force for good

American Made
American made
Manufactured and printed in Santa Cruz, California.
Created to last
Created to last
Long-lasting quality at
an affordable price.
Happiness Guaranteed
If you’re not satisfied,
we’ll make it right.
Shop Small
Shop small
Where you spend your money really does make a difference.
Carbon Neutral
Ships carbon friendly
We offset 100% of our
carbon emissions.
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American Made
American made
Manufactured and printed in
Santa Cruz, California.
Happiness Guaranteed
If you’re not satisfied,
we’ll make it right.
Created to last
Created to last
Long-lasting quality at
an affordable price.
Shop Small
Shop small
Where you spend your money really
does make a difference.
Carbon Neutral
Ships carbon friendly
We offset 100% of our
carbon emissions.
1% of sales donated
Your purchase just got more powerful.

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