Photo Stickers

Print your photos as high-quality stickers and affix them anywhere. These 2x2” stickers are fun, versatile, and especially well-suited for photo journaling. The low profile of the stickers won’t add bulk to pages and the images you choose help you preserve the things that matter most.

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Photo Stickers
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Stickers are 2” square with 6 stickers
per sheet, 24 or 48 stickers in a set.

I love these photo stickers :)

"I have ordered photo stickers from Social Print studio twice and will continue to do so. They are well made and they’re the perfect size for sticking in my journal as a way of keeping memories."

Lauryl S.

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Sticker Quality

Printed on 240gsm sticker sheets with a
glossy finish resulting in superb colors.

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Perfectly Pairs With:
The Photo Journal

The Photo Journal is designed to be used with our 2x2” Photo Stickers. The guided template includes dedicated spaces for 48 stickers, but it’s easy to use more depending on how you use the journal.

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Download the Print Studio app for iOS and make your Sticker Sheets right from your phone’s camera roll.

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4.95 stars from 107 reviews
What customers have to say about our Photo Stickers


Sadie N.

Never a fail!

"I always love the products and they are a staple gift in my family."

Wendy B.

Friends Always Ask...

"Where did you find those amazing pictures to place in your journal? When I share they are stickers they always flip. It makes keeping a journal of our beach house that more easy to manage!! Thank you for this option!! "

Leslie S.

Dress up your Journal

"I reserve space and use these photo stickers to document my travel, knitting projects, and other noteworthy events in my journal. I've never been disappointed with the quality of any products from Social Print Studio - they are awesome!"

Kittie B.

Such a fun idea!

"For me, the photo sticker journal is such a fun idea for a gift. It's a creative departure from a photo book because it included handwritten anecdotes and sharing. It also inspired those who were the recipients of my gifts to share it with others, and to add their own thoughts and stories. My experience was simple, easy to create, personal and a novel surprise gift!"

Erykah B.

Brilliant for scrapbooking, mementos, and cards for loved ones.

"I am an avid scrapbooker who documents her travels. The small photo stickers from Social Print Studio are excellent for scrapbooking, souvenirs, and even cards for loved ones. I've used them from two of my scrapbooks over the past two years. The sticker paper is of high quality, the stickers stick and peel off of surfaces well, and the images come out vibrant and clear. I have also found the process of uploading and ordering images online to be pretty straightforward. However, it would be great if the image upload system were compatible with .HEIC images in the future. Right now they are only compatible with .jpg and .png files, which can be annoying when you try to upload images from an iPhone camera. "

Virginia W.

I love these!

"I like to print photos for my kids scrapbooks every few months. These photo stickers make the process so much faster to affix the pics! And I think they are great quality and clarity, similar to regular photo paper. "

Cathy N.

Photo Stickers-A Visual Remembrence

"Photo stickers are a great chronolog of past travel memories.. They make you smile when preserving your past journeys in the great photo journal Social Print offers"

Jess B.

These are amazing

"My daughter’s birthday was all done in a Polaroid. To keep the book uniform we made all the phone pictures into these photo stickers, they’re perfect size. The print quality was great "

Jonathan M.

High quality high resolution stickers

"Worked great for my scrapbook journal!"

Hannah S.

Love my photo stickers!

"Thanks Social Print Studio! I love my photo stickers so much. I used them for my son’s baby album and they were just perfect and made it so easy. Will definitely be ordering again!"

Sunah H.

So cute!

"These stickers are of exceptional quality! I love them! I will definitely order them more. "

Molly G.

Perfect gift

"I'm so excited about my first purchase of photo stickers to use in my partner and I's trip journal! We already had a book to record our travels so these stickers provide an easy way to journal and reflect on them after the fact. Beautiful quality and so fun! "


Cute and beautiful quality

"I love personalizing gifts with these and brightening up my space. They came in no time and look amazing. My only complaint is that it seems difficult to get six pictures in the order you want on the pages. "

Julie D.

A Perfect Way to showcase Relationships

"I love having special photos made into decorative stickers. There are so many wonderful applications for photo stickers. I love to use them on kids lunch bags, notes & letters, presents, and all through journals. My family and friends frequently express gratitude for sparking fond memories. "

Elizabeth J.

So easy to use!

"I make scrapbooks for my grandchildren and these are lifesavers! Not only are they thin but also adhesive so that I don't have to mess with glue or adhesive squares. They are so much fun to put everywhere!"

Daye E.

Perfect gift

"Added them to some postcards and love day gifts. They arrived quick, were beautiful and bright, none pixelated. "

Alison F.


"Perfect size for decorating letters or putting in cards. "

Sam H.

Baby Book

"This stickers have been the best, cutest option for easily adding pics to my son’s baby book. "

Kathleen G.

Best stickers for journaling

"I ordered these stickers for my baby’s journal. I’m so happy with the quality of the stickers. It also keeps my journal flat. "

Katherine S.

Big hit

"I love the stickers- I put them on cards I mail and always get compliments on them! "

william B.


"Fast turn around and good quality of images! "

Rosanna B.


"I love the stickers I just went to the craft store and picked up a sketchbook and I just put them in there and just start making memories for myself. I have so many pictures on my phone so I just can’t wait to continue on. I love that I can just create and stick them on the page and write myself a little note."

Valerie S.

Perfect journalling stickers

"Beautiful quality and colour! I love to use these to capture everyday moments in my life. "

Lo N.

Photo Stickers

"Way cool. this was my first time ordering for my kids' baby books and they live up to the hype!"

Moira S.

2x2 photo stickers

"These were super cute and fit perfectly in the album! Just be sure to size the photos in your order to make sure they are cropped correctly."

Michelle S.

Always great quality!

"I’ve been ordering for years and the quality has always been amazing."

sara v.

Perfect for creating unique book

"My family used the photo stickers to create a unique and special book for my father. We printed photo stickers to pair with written text in Social Print Studio's photo journal book. The photo stickers are high quality and allowed us to put a wide variety of memories in the book. I've used Social Print studio for many, many gifts over the years and will continue for many more!"


Excellent product

"Loved the quality, beautiful colours and perfect size! I am coming back for more."

Stephanie M.

Love these stickers

"Perfect for cards, sealing envelopes and more! My kids love to use them on school art projects. "

Tashana S.


"Just what I needed"

Erin F.


"Love for cards and scrapbooks"

Theresa B.

High quality, fast delivery

"Stickers arrived quickly and looked great. Got them for a party, and while I don't think they stuck amazingly to clothes, I doubt that's their intended purpose anyway. Looking forward to making more stickers in the future!"

Vanessa K.

Great quality, color and definition

"Love these stickers, they are nice and thin and therefore do not bulk up my journals. They were so easy to order through the app and are great quality. Thank you"

Julia H.

Really nice stickers

"I have been an SPS customer, pretty much since their inception, and I love everything I've purchased (and I've ordered A LOT). I had not ordered in a while because I just hadn't had a need, but I needed some stickers for a project. They came really quickly and the quality was good. I've ordered stickers before, and the difference is that these new stickers were matte and more saturated. Not necessarily a bad change, but I really liked the semi-glossy feel. Happy with my purchase."

Lanie F.


"I have used print studio for the past 5 years in scrapbooking. The addition of photo stickers has saved me so much time! "

Jo Ann F.

Photo Stickers

"These are wonderful as envelope closures and as gifts for family and friends. Great Quality!"

Kim A.

Tiny Pictures

"They were the perfect size for my project. The color saturation and clarity is the best! Thank you!"

Elisabeth W.

Perfect for baby books (and toddlers!)

"I’ve bought these for all of my children’s’ baby books, as they are perfect accompaniments to the memories themselves. As I worked on the latest one, my 5-year-old made her own “baby book” and was beyond delighted when I gifted her extra stickers, which she promptly put on all her pages. She even asked for more so she could make another for her sister. Beyond these two uses, these stickers have so many possibilities. On the back of phone cases, on gifts, to seal up envelopes on extra special letters and cards, and many many more (especially for those more creative than me). I highly recommend them!!!"

Shelby H.

LOVE them

"These photo stickers are perfect! I used them as part of a keepsake for my twin boys' first birthday and the quality is even better than I imagined. Definitely planning on purchasing more to add to their little albums over the coming the years. Thank you SPS for making such a quality product!"

Courtney Patrick M.



Melissa B.

Great for lunch notes!

"I love these stickers! We use them for lunch box notes for little ones that aren’t quite old enough to read. Always puts a smile on their face and gives them something fun to share with their friends at lunch."

Richard S.

Journaling with stickers!

"Trying to do some journaling again. These stickers definitely make it easier. Just put one on a page and write as much or as little as you like. Big help. Good quality and excellent color and resolution. Great product."

Joanna I.

Photo Stickers for a Travel Journal

"These photo stickers were perfect for incorporating my travel photos into a recent road trip journal—without printing big, bulkier photos and worrying about how to get them to stay. Highly recommend."

Elizabeth M.

My favorite product

"I love the sticker photos because it’s the perfect size to use for my baby’s first year memory book. They’re So cute! "

Dustin S.

Sticky Love!

"I’ve bought these many times. Love ‘em. Colors always turn out great and easy to peel off. Not water proof. "

Liza K.

Photo Stickers and Photo Book

"I started making a photo book for every year that my boyfriend and I have been together, and Social Print Studio has been perfect!! It’s so much easier to just stick on my photos rather than print them off and tape them down to each page! And they have lines in the book for you to caption each photo :) "

Stefanie M.

Photo journal

"Excellent- I moved from online blog to a paper journal this year for my family and I love choosing a handful of monthly photos to print in sticker form "

Grace Y.

Great product for when you just have so many photos

"I use the sticker formats for my kids photos. Comes in handy when I want to print all their school photos they post online. I print and store them for when I will have time to make a scrapbook. I can print a bunch but they aren’t too big so I won’t need to waste too many pages on a summer camp session"

Signe D.

Photo Stickers

"I order photo stickers on a regular basis to keep my daughter's photo journal updated. I wish I had a keepsake, like the one Social Print Studio provides, to look back on!"

Hannah A.

Great baby book idea

"I use these for my daughter’s baby book, and they’re so fun! Great quality. "

Malia M.

Just perfect

"My photos stickers are perfect! They have a really good quality and stick really well!"

Lisa S.

My orders

"I love the stickers very much🤩I’m a moderator in a small FB group and I’m having giveaways frequently❤️one Magnet and one sticker, both from your store, is a very popular prize to win❤️"

Amy C.

In Love

"The best! "

Leanna C.


"I've been using photo stickers in my annual family journal for years. I love that I can order stickers as I go along and just slap them in during the year. Waiting until the end of the year is just too overwhelming. So I order these 4 times a year and saves me from buying prints that I will need to figure out where to store! These annual journals become a family treasure and reminder of the big and small things that happened during our year...that we mix with ticket stubbs, hand prints, and other memorabilia saved. "

Madison B.


"I use these for my daughters baby book and they are perfect! Such high quality and fast shipping!"

Maria T.

Love these!

"Love these! So handy for printing a few photos"

Leilani S.

So much fun!

"These photo stickers are the perfect size and quality. I ordered some of them in order to improve my skills with mushroom and wildflower identification, so I have been putting them in the scrapbook that you can buy along with them and then identifying the fungi or plant in the picture. This is absolutely the best way I've found to identify organisms that I take pictures of. I also ordered some for journalling purposes, and that has been wonderful too. Normally, I like making photo books, but these photo stickers are an excellent learning tool. The quality is fabulous and they're so much fun! Highly recommend!"

Susan L.

I love the stickers!

"Great quality prints. I printed a test order, cut them apart and left surprises all around for people. They think I’m the best house guest. Ordering more right now!"

Jessica W.

The little things

"Awesome!! They brought big smiles "

Bridget M.


"Great stickers and quality! "

Sandy B.

Love these photo stickers

"These are really great for journaling. "

Ashley S.

love these!

"These are the greatest thing! Perfect for baby books or anything. My only complaint is I wish they also came in a bigger size. "

Arielle R.

Wish the print quality/colors were more vibrant

"I have three albums full of these, but wish the photo quality was better. Will probably switch to photo prints after the album is full."

Hannah G.

Perfect for travel journaling!

"I now use these photo stickers in my travel journal. It’s so simple but I love the effect. These are top quality photo stickers!!"

Lori Jean W.


"These are beautiful and fun. Quality I have come to expect."

Emily C.

LOVE them for journaling

"I've been using these stickers for almost 7 years now & absolutely love them! I use them for my daily journal & they're such a great addition to my journal that I wouldn't want to do my daily journal without them. I order a new set of stickers every 3-4 months to have updated photos & it's so easy to do & they are the perfect size sticker! "

claudia g.

Wunderbar | exciting

"What a w u n d e r k i n d did develop this masterpiece of photo strip. My grandpa collected stamps | I will collect these photo stamps for all of my familiy. Y E S."

Lauryl S.

I love these photo stickers :)

"I have ordered photo stickers from Social Print studio twice and will continue to do so. They are well made and they’re the perfect size for sticking in my journal as a way of keeping memories. "

Jansen C.

Consistent quality

"I’ve been ordering from SPS for a decade and am always thrilled with the consistent print quality. These stickers were perfect. Thanks! "

Brianna S.

Monthly buy

"Love love love these. Currently making my baby girl a scrapbook and these are my favorite to print her monthly photos on. "

Chathurika D.

Photo Stickers

"Excellent quality!!"

Shea R.

Great quality!

"These worked perfectly for two paper crafting projects I was working on. Great quality and quick shipping! Thank you!"

Rachel L.

Great for gifts

"Very much fun "

Tracie B.

Didn’t l know I needed these

"I had no idea I needed these stickers. Fabulous just fabulous. Keep up the good work!"

Maureen G.

Photo sticker perfection

"I order these photo stickers every year and they’re awesome! "

Valerie G.

Versatile Quality Images

"I love these stickers are great for adding Photos to everything from scrapbooking to labeling. I have used them for diaries, storage labels, Montessori toy and wardrobe labeling and organization as well as crafting. "

Janet M.


"These stickers are great everywhere. I've placed them in my planner, on name cards, inside books and just about every other place you can imagine a sticker sticking to. I am crazy about Social Print Studio's magnets but now I've found a new form of expression... STICKERS! Go wild! Feel free to find new places to decorate with these sticky little gems."

Elisabeth W.

Great Quality

"I have ordered stickers like these multiple times. I love them. They are such great quality."

Barbara Jwanouskos R.

Easy to use and adorable

"Love this! Helps me use up or diy my own cards to folks. First time but definitely not last time using it and loved it. Made it easy for customizing my cards to folks. "

Kristina R.

My all time favorite

"These stickers are my favorite. They don’t make the pages look bulky, they don’t fade as fast as zink based, pocket printer papers, and they are more cost effective. I have a travel journal that I use them on every other page and it does not make it looks bulky. I also use it in planners. "

Selen Korkut C.

Photo Stickers

"I adore the photo stickers I regularly order from you. I want to try regular photos too. My only concern with the recent order is the envelope got wet on the way. "

Lindsay T.

The best photo stickers

"I love this product and use often for my kids photo albums. But more so, I love the customer service at PrintStudio"

nicole e.

Love the stickers

"We create travel journals with these and we love it. We are also starting journals for our nieces so they can remember our trips! "

Colleen B.

Awesome Stickers

"Can’t wait to use these beautiful stickers. Excellent service and packaging. Looking forward to purchasing more of your products."

Veronica F.

Photo Stickers are magical ✨

"The photo stickers were ideal for my daughter’s baby book/journal! The prints were flawless! The colors are popping! The stickers didn’t tear and were easy to remove from backing. Return customer here, and this new product didn’t disappoint! Ordering again soon. 🤍"

Diana M.

Pleasantly Surprised!

"The quality of the prints I receive from Social Prints is always the best so I expected the stickers to be a bit less but they were just as beautiful! Such a wonderful way to personalize letters and cards. "

katherine S.

Stickers Rock!

"I love my photo stickers! "

Julia S.

photo stickers

"love them! my kids love them too, always super fun to use in journal and other crafts :)"

Maureen M.

Congrats !

"Well done. In fact perfect. "

Nicole D.

So easy and consistent

"I love this app. It's easy to use and each I order I have placed in the last few years turns out terrific. "

Leanna C.

Love me some social print studio

"love the quality, the product and the people. "

Lizbeth E.


"They were easy to use stay where you put they!! Keeps the photos looking as perfect as they were on your phone. "

sally s.

stickers for my 50th!

"you dd a fab job"

Daniela M.


"Love them for my girls "

Julia R.

Lovely true small stickers for my journal

"Took a long time get to me but good results"

Carol W.

Love these!

"I love adding these in random places - calendar entries, handwritten notes to family and friends, my phone case, the front of my planner/journal. The size is perfect - not too big, but big enough to see and appreciate the details of the photo. Planning my next order...."

Kate Y.

My Carribean Adventure

"They are great! Had them made as stickers for my photo book. Very clear images, love the size."

Heidi H.

I Love Stickers!!!

"I absolutely LOVE these stickers.! The print out is a high quality picture. And the two different sizes make to create some fun projects."

Ali C.

Love the photo stickers!

"I love the photo stickers. The colors are always vivid and the photo quality is good. I use them in my planner, sticking them on the date they were taken to journal my memories."

Nancy G.

Little delights

"I just love sticking a favorite quote or funny pic or baby photo - on every piece of mail, every gift that leaves the house. Try it once - you'll be hooked"

Your prints on the @socialprintstudio Instagram

We love seeing what you do with your Photo Stickers. Tag us at @socialprintstudio.

Photo Stickers work well in scrapbooks because they're not bulky and require no adhesive. Photo by @cherrelllyn.

Photos make the most delightful custom stickers, like these ones made by @midmodernmama.

Up your travel journal game with stickable photos that don’t take up much room. Photo by @wildirisjournals.

Upload any JPG to print as stickers, like @oldmarstonfarm did with their logo.

Incorporate stickers into your wrapping like @lefty.babesauce.lettering to add a custom touch to gifts.

Stickers are fun additions to vision boards or journals as shown by @elizabethalvite.

The projects are endless with stickers. Photo by @eclectically_curated.

Photo Stickers FAQ

Product Details

Stickers aren’t just for your Trapper Keeper, our Photo Stickers are professionally printed on 240gsm sticker sheets with a glossy finish. Just choose your photos and we will send 24 2x2" (5.1x5.1 cm) stickers your way, six per beautifully designed page.

Ordering Tips

The minimum file size for this product is 300x300 pixels in jpeg format.

To print 24 stickers of the same photo just upload the photo you fancy, then hit "autofill" in the upper right-hand corner of the upload page.

Our stickers are printed so about 1mm of your photo will be printed past the edge of the sticker. 

Photos as a force for good

American Made
American made
Manufactured and printed in Santa Cruz, California.
Created to last
Created to last
Long-lasting quality at
an affordable price.
Happiness Guaranteed
If you’re not satisfied,
we’ll make it right.
Shop Small
Shop small
Where you spend your money really does make a difference.
Carbon Neutral
Ships carbon friendly
We offset 100% of our
carbon emissions.
American Made
American made
Manufactured and printed in
Santa Cruz, California.
Happiness Guaranteed
If you’re not satisfied,
we’ll make it right.
Created to last
Created to last
Long-lasting quality at
an affordable price.
Shop Small
Shop small
Where you spend your money really
does make a difference.
Carbon Neutral
Ships carbon friendly
We offset 100% of our
carbon emissions.

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