Tiny Books

Possibly the most adorable way to print your photos—in a miniature photo album. Tiny Books are hardcover, magnetic, and beloved by kids and adults alike.

  • 1.7x1.5" in size
  • 24 photos in each book, sold in sets of 3
  • Professionally printed and bound in a hardcover

  • • Hardcover book with heart logo
  • • Upload 72 photos for 3 unique books or 24 photos for identical books
  • • Made in the USA
Set of 3 for $26 
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Tiny Books
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Pro Quality in Miniature

Photos are printed on archival-quality matte photo paper and hand-assembled into each tiny hardcover book.

Customize Each Book

Upload 72 photos to make three unique books or 24 photos to make three identical books.

Praise for Tiny Books

I have given many as gifts and people are amazed by the quality printing for something so tiny! TY for this brilliant, unique and awesome product!

Meena S.

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More Praise for Tiny Books

"We ordered the tiny books as gifts for the children next door who love our puppy. They were so excited to have their own mini album of his first year! Priceless. The books are well made and so promptly delivered. We will absolutely use this company again and again."


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4.89 stars from 189 reviews
What our customers have to say about Tiny Books


Aileen Y.


"Love it. So cute and fun to give as a gift. "

Judith B.

Amazing Tiny Book!

"This is my second time ordering. Once for a gift and once to make my kids a little montessori learning book. Oddly enough this is one of their favorite toys!"

Janelle O.

Very Fun

"Cute little books. I made them for my daughter to take to school. I wanted three different books (each with their own "theme") and, after a little trial and error, was able to get the photos arranged how I wanted. I would prefer to have the option to arrange or move them in a particular order/sequence. Overall, they turned out great and I would definitely order again."

christina c.

Great Product!

"These are the sweetest little books. My three kids each have their own mini book of family pictures which they keep in their backpacks. They are high quality and even have a magnet on the inside of the covers to help them stay together- love this feature. Can't wait to buy more for my kiddos. Would be great for birthdays, part of a care package for a camper or college student, a stocking stuffer / small holiday gift- so many uses!"

Carey E.

Adorable Tiny Books

"I ordered 1 for my son who just started Kindergarten and was having a hard time missing home, so this adorable little photo album is perfect for him to keep in his backpack to look at photos of family. The other 2 books I gave to my mom and mother in law to have cute little photos of their grandkids! The quality is great and I also love that it is a magnet! So cute! I will probably order more as gifts for Christmas! "

Kristen C.

So cute!

"I bought these for my kids to highlight all the activities we did this summer (mostly mundane but still fun) to put in their backpacks once school started. Loved by all! "

Meghan S.


"I bought these as a back to school gift for my kids - especially my kindergartner! They absolutely loved them and keep them in their back packs for when they miss us! Photos are great quality and the books are so cute! Will definitely use this company again! "

Alice S.

Love my tiny books’

"I travel to different places and make an album for each place. If I used regular sized albums they would be too big to store."

Allison G.

Adorable first day of school idea for kids

"This was a very sweet gift for my kids for them to take with them into the first day of school to battle some first day nerves. So cute, easy to put in backpack. Really a special gift!"

stephanie e.

so cute

"Such a nice gift for friends and family!"

Christine M.

Adorable keepsake ❤️

"There is just something precious about holding that tiny book, like a little secret that you carry with you. Ordered as a gift and it was a big hit."

Jodi R.

Very Cute

"The photo quality is great and they are very cute little books. They seem like they might be a little fragile but so far so good. Thanks!"

Allison B.

So freaking cute!!

"Fantastic gift for my traveling friends! It’s a magnet filled with awesome memories!! "

Nicole N.


"These photo books are so cute. I ordered them on a whim after seeing an ad for them on instagram and I’m glad I did. These are the perfect size for my kindergartner’s backpack to mitigate any homesickness while at school. It was a huge hit with my child! "

Katy K.


"I got these for my 3 year old who is struggling going to school because she “misses her family”; heartbreaking! I ordered these tiny books so she could keep it in her pocket or her backpack at school and always look at pictures and think of memories with us. My 5 year old ended up with one too just because he thought it was so cool. They are surprisingly durable to be so little and the picture quality is fantastic. They are also magnetic, so the third one is on our fridge! I can’t recommend these enough! "

Kristen W.

Tiny books are fun, but quality is ok

"The books did not look as nice as the books pictured on the website. Still, my daughter loves them, and her barbies love reading them."

We're so sorry to hear that you weren't completely satisfied with your Tiny Books. Usually. customers are delighted by how high-quality the photos are in the little books. If there are specific quality concerns our team can address, please email to reach our customer service.


Catherine N.


"These are tiny and fun, perfect for kiddos, for keeping in a magnetic board or even the refrigerator. We made these as “back to school” gifts for our three littles, with a bunch of their fun summer moments and it was a huge hit, making it easy for them to share their summer memories with classmates and teachers."

Sarah E.


"Loved this! Was so easy and turned out to be a great gift! "

Jessica C.

Easy win

"Both my kids were feeling anxious about the start of school. Giving each boy a tiny book of photos they could easily keep in their backpack was a lovely way to give them a piece of home to take with them to school. My youngest “reads” his every night before bed. 10/10 recommend. "

Lisa L.

Fun for Kids!

"Made little keepsake of my son's first concert and he loves it !"

Jeanette D.

Precious keepsake!

"The books were so adorable! My family thought they were the cutest thing. 👍🏼"

Kelly F.

Great Idea!

"I gave one to my kindergartner to hopefully help ease the 1st day jitters. It is full of pictures of everyone she loves and it’s the perfect size to keep handy in her little backpack. It was a hit!"

Liza O.

The cutest little books!

"I made the tiny books for my girls so they had a little something to bring with them on their first day of a new school that reminded them of their family and friends from their old school. They loved them!"

Bari F.


"I love the idea of these little books. The photos themselves came out great - I just didnt love the perforations on the edge of the pages. I worry after flipping through the book, they will separate and not be as good. It is a cute gift though. I hope one day you can print a picture on the front cover or pick a different color/design. "

We get a lot of feedback about how well the books hold up, we hope the same is true for yours! We hear you on the cover; in the meantime our Mini Photo Stickers are the perfect size for creating a custom cover.


Danna G.

Great Gift

"Loved these little books. Such high quality! They made great gifts for my girls that headed off to college this fall. "

Kathryn R.

Kids love it!

"I gave one to each of my children as their back-to-school surprise in their backpacks. They both reported that they have looked through it a few times a day when they are missing home. It fits perfectly in their desk and is not a distraction to the rest of the class! I love the magnet in the back, it attaches to their desks so they don’t lose it"

Tiffany M.

Perfect for back to school!

"My son loves having photos of us to look at when he misses us at school. We say the book is full of love and it’s been helping so much with our sad mornings at drop off! "

Lacy W.

Love them!!

"Very cute and high quality! My daughters each have one in their backpack, and we ordered more for gifts. (They’re also magnetic!) "

Brandy B.

So cool!

"I made three of the same books full of memories from our summer for my kids to carry in their backpacks on the first day of school. They looooved them! Huge hit, new tradition! "

Autumn Danielle W.

Love these books!

"The quality is excellent! We really love the magnetic feature. Definitely going to purchase again"

Kristen W.

So cute!

"Perfect for my daughter to keep in her backpack for school. She loves her tiny book!"

Andrea Chala p.

Perfect gift!

"I really loved these tiny books. They are perfect gifts and one of the best ways to freeze perfect moments. "

Kate T.

Perfect little books

"My children love this little book to keep with them in case they just need a alittle boost of love."

Taylor D.


"So very cute"

Taylor D.

Love them!


J R.

Fun for kids

"These little books were a special way to save some memories from a family trip to share with my kids. My kids have loved paging through them and remembering the fun we had. The fact that the books are magnetized is an extra bonus!"

Maya P.


"It was the perfect gift to commemorate a girls' trip with photo memories. love it!"

Jenny R.

Perfect gift

"Gave a tiny book as a moving-away gift—great photo quality and delighted the recipient who loves tiny things and didn’t need to make much room to pack it!"

Meriel L.

Great gift!

"These were SO cute and fun and unique. It was super easy to do. They made great gifts. "

Mia A.

Unique gift idea that will bring smiles :)

"Got three books for my boyfriend for our 4 year anniversary and I am so glad I could fit so many photos in three tiny books! I appreciate the fact that you’reable to pick the order of your pictures and I was able to order my pics of us in order from when we first met to now! This is such a thoughtful gift that will bring endless smiles to everyone. Definitely worth the price for great quality and I love that the books are magnetic to each other so it’s easy to keep them all together and prevent any getting lost. Highly recommend to anyone thinking about getting these!!!! "

Loralynn I.

Good quality

"Even though the books are tiny, the quality of the photos is still so great! would recommend for anyone looking for a cute, sentimental, unique gift. "

Mary P K.

Tiny books hold great memories❤️

"The tiny books are precious. It is a unique gift for self and others. They are magnets! I did not know that when I placed the order. Now I have one on my refrigerator and it brings sweet memories, each and everyday . My only tip is to include photos with 1 or 2 people, not group photos as they will be too miniature to see. "

Jade M.

Great gift!

"Excellent gift idea! I ordered these for grandparents to document a trip to the zoo. The print quality is great. Everything is still clear and just cuter because of the size!"

Rich V.

Even Better

"Better than you could imagine. "

Cary C.

A perfect momento!

"I went on a trip with a few friends and the tiny book was the perfect way to commemorate it! "

Jacqueline E.

Love them

"They make me so happy, they are so cute and perfect"

Jan C.

Sweetest little books

"I had a little trouble placing the order and getting all right, but oh my they are so sweet and our granddaughter thought they were adorable and a special momento of her summer camp with us🫶🏽"

Lisa T.

Great Grandchild Gift

"I have been getting the tiny books for several years. As we all know kids love to pick up and carry small objects. What better thing to pick up but these little books with pictures of themselves and loved ones. I love to have them put it in their pocket and remind them it is there when they want to look at it. The tiny books will often occupy them when they need to calm down or take a nap. My one 3 yr old granddaughter sleeps with hers. They are adorable."

Carissa S.

So adorable

"I ordered these tine books for my daughter for camp. They are very cute and made well. I’m sure she will love them when she sees them."

Mary D.

A family favorite!

"We LOVE the tiny books! I have been printing them after our family photo sessions so I can have all the photos available for the kids to see anytime they want. Our fridge is covered in these cute books. And we have sent them to family and friends as valentine's gifts, and other special occasions. They are AMAZING!"

Betty L.

Love all things tiny and this fits perfectly!

"I made a mini-yearbook for my co-teacher, the elementary students loved it and they all signed with mini signatures for end of year gift. I made a one of a kind cover for the book to finish it off. Definitely happy with this purchase."

Allyson R.

Tiny Books are super cute and a great gift!

"I love the way these turned out, and they came fast. I'm giving them as a little add-on wedding gift. But it was pretty frustrating to make them. I couldn't seem to figure out how to re-order the photos, and I kept getting multiples of each photo even though I had uploaded the correct number of photos. It took me a really long time and ultimately I had to go through manually to delete the doubles. I wish there were a better and more intuitive creation process. Also, I wish there were an image on the front. I see that the mini photo stickers are a perfect fit for the front, but if I ordered them, I'd have to use a few for the books and then couldn't really give the hundreds of photo stickers as a gift, given that I would have used a few. Overall, I love these, but it was a hassle."

Mary Jo C.

My granddaughter loves these!

"She flipped through all the lovely photos and was then so excited to discover that each book had a magnet! Now they reside on my fridge and she checks them every time she visits."

Mary Louise W.

Treasured photos

"Absolutely charming!!!!"

Jeanne D.

Little gems!

"As a miniature book collector, these are MUST HAVES! It’s absolutely wonderful to have little personalized photo books. I’ll order many more as gifts too!"

Jackie B.


"They are really cute, everyone has asked where I got them. thank you, the service was great too!"

Libby L.

SO cute.

"So cute! Great quality. Will definitely be ordering for future gifts."

Shellie A.

Love these so much!

"My kids love having them on the fridge, showing friends, being to show and tell. I also love having them in my bag to share pics of my kids with people! So great. Love this product! "

Holly B.

So much fun!

"This is our second order of tiny books and my kids think they are magical. From ages 1-8 they all have spent time looking through the tiny pictures and they have held up very well. A favorite!"

Emely M.

Tiny Books

"I loved the concept of having a miniature photo book to hold all my macro photographs. I am very impressed with the quality and fast shipping. The magnets provide a unique and convenient way to display the tiny books. I would definitely recommend this purchase to others. "

Wynne R.

These are just the best!

"This is my second order of tiny books because they're just so sweet and special. The really awesome thing is that you can make three of the same book or three completely different books. I did mine quickly by just choosing some of my most fave pics on my phone and letting the app default create the books and they were awesome and perfect! If you're a little more exacting than me, you can edit and switch things around to your liking. Either way, these are just the best. AND, because there's a magnet you can stick it on your refrig or anywhere else your little heart desires. Now, go make three for yourself. "

Garnet Goldman D.

In love with the Tiny Books!

"I ordered the tiny books with pictures of my artwork and the reproductions on the little pages were amazing. They are well made and I will definitely be ordering more! "

Patti S.

Tiny Books

"Cutest Tiny Books that hold so many special memories!"

nancy w.

These tiny books are awesome

"These tiny books are so stinkin cute and magnetic to boot. I love that I could upload 72 photos so each of the three books are unique. I can't stop thumbing through them"

Lise Anne L.

Great Easter egg stuffers!

"I’ve gotten these the past 2 years to put in my 2yr olds Easter eggs. Each year I put photos from the year leading up to that Easter. I plan to keep the tradition going until she’s 18 so she can have a collection of little printed books to store in her keepsake box. So please, Social Print, don’t ever discontinue these! We’re expecting a boy in June, so I’ll be getting a double order each year from now on… 3 personalized books for each kid. "

Julie T.

Tiny Books are the best!

"I have 3 daughters and they love to receive tiny books as a way to recap a family vacation, summer break or sports season! They are so cute and they have fun showing their friends! "

Scott M.

Superb and unique

"I ordered these cute little trinkets for a purpose a little different from "little photo book". I made them into something that holds one long riddle and awarded them to players in my rpg group who solved said riddle during a game session. The player were thrilled to have such a cool trophey of their imaginary adventures. If I had to really try to say anything less than total positivity: I wish this little nook had just a few more pages, 1 for each letter of the alphabet, as I think you could do a lot with that. But, long story short, I love these things!"

Patricia R.


"These tiny books are so cute and well made. They really are TINY so next time, I won’t add photos that have groups of people in them because the faces are so miniature but that’s more about my picture choices than about the book. I’ll definitely order again!"

Clair N.

Awesome as usual!

"I love these tiny books and so do my grandkids. They love seeing themselves in their personalized mini book and carry them all over the house. Bonus points that they are magnetized! A+ Social Print Studio! "

Autumn F.


"I made 3 as gifts and everyone was STUNNED my friends literally said LINK NOW. Such good quality for such tiny pictures, I kind of need a whole mini bookshelf now! Also I didn't realize they were magnetic and could stack together or stick right on my fridge, so cool!"

Caroline E B.

Best Ever Easter Surprises!!!!

"My grandson loves these!!!! "

Stacey R.

Tiny Books Review

"The ABSOLUTE best gift in the world!!!!! I am so excited for gift to arrive for my 17 year old grandson! I am currently working in Japan and he is in Texas. We are EXTREMELY close and the photos captured in this gift are perfect!!!!! The site is super easy to use! Shipping is super fast!!!! This is my second purchase! I ordered a large photo book for my daughter in February and it was PERFECT as well!!! I will be a repeat customer!!!! Thank you for this amazing way to capture precious moments forever. "

Braedin O.

Such a cute, unique gift

"Love the books, only wish is that you could customize the cover! "

Hannah W.

Tiny Books

"These books are adorable and a perfect gift. "

Sarah P.

Absolutely perfect!

"These were exactly what I was looking for! My mom loves tiny art and this was a perfect addition to her collection! "

Katerina K.

Loved my tiny books!

"I got this as a birthday gift for a friend and we both absolutely loved them! The quality was great, and it arrived way before I expected it. Definitely worth the purchase!"

Nicole C.

Awesome Purchase!

"These are so cute! And good quality, I didn't realize they have a magnet on the back too!"

Ariyana K.


"They did such a good job and gave a quick response when I reached out. Would highly recommend, makes for a great gift!!"

Lacey J.

The best product!

"What to do with all your pictures that don’t take up a lot of space…. This is the best idea. They are kept on the fridge and our son loves to look thru them. I love the magnet that can hold them together or on a surface. Friends and family love flipping thru them and enjoy getting them as gifts. "

Courtney D.

Absolutely love

"This is the CUTEST thing!! Got it for my little one for valentines and it was a hit! I didn’t realize they’re also magnetic so you can put them on the fridge! So cute!"

Venezia V.

Tiny Books

"Such a cute idea! Great quality!"

Blythe B.

Tiny Books


Catherine B.

So cute!

"This is the second year in a row we have gotten these tiny books for our three kids! They absolutely love them! We love they have magnets so they stick right to the fridge. The kids can look at cute pictures of themselves."

Natalie I.

Perfect for kids!

"I love these tiny books. I give them to my kids for Valentine’s every year and they’re always a hit!"


Family tradition

"I’ve been getting one for each child for Valentine’s Day for the last couple years. It is a cute and thoughtful way to document the previous year… I forgot to edit the photos myself this year and the prints do come back slightly dark if you don’t edit them “bright” before you order. "

Yann K.

great big little surprises

"Brilliant idea. Had set of 3done for my 5year old grand daughter with all sorts of good stuff including shots of her mom pole vaulting (team captain at Bucknell) and all manner of other old and very old family photos plus tons of flowers and other bits of possible interest to an inquisitive kid. Everyone liked them. Great quality. Nice 'look'. Very happy."

Andrea H.

Always pleased

"The tiny books turned out great like everything else I order from social print studio. They have my love forever. "

Maureen C.

Fun and long lasting

"I give my nieces and nephew a new book of the four of us every year. I’ve been doing it for 4 or 5 years. They have their little books still and they are in great shape. They carry them in their pockets to school and still all the pages are in tact and looking good "

Grace R.

Big fun in a small package

"Recently lost 14 years worth of photos so I have a renewed interest in print photos. These tiny books are a great way to group a bunch of photos In a cute, small size. Plus they’re fun to collect on your refrigerator! "

Emily B.

The cutest little photo books

"While these aren't the highest quality photo albums for prints, their adorable size and sturdy design is especially perfect for kids to enjoy again and again."

Barry C.

Tiny books are genius

"Genius. Thank you. "

Taran N.

Great lil book

"Love the tiny books, get them every year. I just deeply deeply wish you could order them as singles. I basically never need or want three. "

Erin Van D.

Best birthday present 🎁

"I bought one of these for my each of my kids’ birthdays. We all loved them so much we ordered them for our nieces and nephews. I love having a go to present like this!! I will be buying these from now until forever xoxo"

Adrianne W.

Mini books were a hit

"These tiny books were amazing, and I loved how they came in a 3 pack! I ordered them for my 2 boys with pictures of them with their Elf on the shelf and the elf brought them on Christmas Eve before he left. They are getting old enough so that I don’t know how much longer they will be into the elf, so I thought this was the perfect keepsake for them to have from the past 7 years. I loved how I could give them each one, and also have one to keep for myself to remember. Eventually, I intend to glue ribbon the the 3rd one and hang it on our tree as an ornament. They were so cute and great quality!!"

Bonnie R.


"Really love the tiny books!!! They are so cute & great quality. I will definitely be ordering more & highly recommend!!! Thank you for creating these!!!"

Amber W.

Tiny Books

"We ordered these for my daughter to give to her friends for Christmas. The process was super easy and the shipping was fast! They were a huge hit! "

Abigail V.


"These were even cited then I thought they were going to be. They were perfect stocking stuffers for my partner. "

Mary H.

Tiny Books

"They were darling. My only wish is that the photos had been glossy. I purchased them for my grandchildren and they loved them!"

Mercedes B.

Great quality

"A great value for these tiny memories! I gifted these for Christmas to someone who is a lover of all things tiny and she absolutely LOVED these. All the photos were still in great quality from the print in each photo book. "

Gretchen P.

Cute novelty

"My family loved these as they are thoughtful. However, one of them was printed upside down. The heart is on the back of the book."

Your prints on the @socialprintstudio Instagram

We love seeing what you do with your Tiny Books. Tag us at @socialprintstudio.

Print whatever brings you joy in a Tiny Book and take it with you anywhere! Photo by @armelle_blog

For reference, Tiny Books are smaller than a baby's foot.

@tara.axford printed her watercolors and made a miniature portfolio of her work in a Tiny Book.

Perfectly sized for Elf on the Shelf shenanigans. Photo by @thehowardgotelfed

Or any miniature shenanigans, really, as @robindavisstudios shows with her adorably sized robot.

Tiny Books FAQ

Product Details

Our smallest books always make the biggest splash! These little cuties measure in at 1.7x1.5" (4.3x3.8cm), come in sets of three, and stick together (or to your fridge) with magnets. Yes, freaking magnets! Each book has 24 pages to fit tons of memories in a teeny package perfect for business or wedding favors.

Ordering Tips

The printed image on each page is 1x1" (2.5x2.5 cm) for square Instagram photos, and up to 1.4x1" (2.91x2.54 cm) for non-Instagram photos

For the larger print size of 1.4x1" (2.91x2.54 cm) images, the minimum image size is 612x847 pixels in jpeg format

To receive 3 unique photobooks, select 72 images. The counter will refresh when you select more than 24 photos.

If you want 3 identical books, choose 24 images.

No can do:

We cannot customize the cover image on the Tinybooks at this time. Our SPS heart can be perfectly covered by a Mini Photo Sticker for the DIY inclined! 

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American made
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Created to last
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American Made
American made
Manufactured and printed in
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Happiness Guaranteed
If you’re not satisfied,
we’ll make it right.
Created to last
Created to last
Long-lasting quality at
an affordable price.
Shop Small
Shop small
Where you spend your money really
does make a difference.
Carbon Neutral
Ships carbon friendly
We offset 100% of our
carbon emissions.
1% of sales donated
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