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March 26, 2020

It’s a weird time for everyone but it’s gotta be especially weird for those grads waiting to hear how and when they’ll graduate this year. Even if it’s not the traditional graduation ceremony because of COVID-19, there are still a million ways to celebrate our new grads and all their academic accomplishments. Families can still throw small graduation parties with immediate family members and host virtual grad parties (#quarantinegradparty!) so we pulled together our favorite ways to help make your grad feel special during this weird time.

Graduation Party Decor during global pandemic but make them feel special

If there’s ever a year you want to make your grad feel special, it’s this one. You’re not going to have a bunch of guests and a million finger foods like everybody hoped, but you can still go all out in thoughtfulness.

Grad Party Table
Grad Party Classic Prints

Set up a table display of their graduation pictures, some favors, string up a few balloons, streamers, or a poster board with their name on it. If you don’t have a vintage photo booth in your family room, print Giant Photo Strips of your grad and hang them for everyone to see (in the room, on Zoom, or otherwise). Set up a simple photo display by hanging twine or cotton string vertically from the ceiling or wall or horizontally on the wall, bulletin board, or two stands, and hanging Classic Prints (4x4” or 4x6” are our favorites) from the strands.

Grad Giant Photo Strips
Grid Frame

Show off your grad in a Grid Frame. Display it at the party and then hang it on your wall afterward. You can also print an oversized Metal Print, supply some metallic Sharpies, and have guests write congratulatory messages. (You can also request the messages via email before the party and present it to your grad as a gift!)

Grad Party Metal Print

Graduation Party Favors

It’s always fun to have a gift for guests. Since grad parties will be quarantine style with only in-house guests attending, make it extra special by springing for mementos to mark the occasion. Print a set of magnets and Photo Strips for easy decor that doubles as thoughtful party favors

Grad Party Magnets
Grad Giant Photo Strips

The Photo Strips are small enough to tuck inside graduation announcements as an extra way to share more pictures of your grad. Since many people won't be attending graduations in person this year, pictures are an excellent way to help family and friends feel connected to your grad's next steps. For friends and family who really wish they could have been there for the big graduation day, put together small packing envelopes with graduation announcements, Photo Magnets, and Photo Strips of your grad. They’ll almost feel like they were there with you.

Tip: How to send graduation cards in the time of COVID-19.

Graduation Gifts

When it comes to graduation gifts, there are few obvious winners. Make a Photo Book (we have Softcover, Hardcover, and Layflat Albums) featuring their favorite moments of their high school Senior year. This is a great time to throw in surprise childhood photos. We also love a Grid Poster. It’s an easy way to print a ton of pictures at one time and it can double as party decor and room decor after the party.

Grad Hardcover Photo Book
Grad Grid Poster

Or give them a gift card so they can order and print whatever they want to mark their senior year. You can Gift Cards on our website and our Print Studio App.

Take Lots of Pictures

You’re never going to regret celebrating life’s milestones⁠—even during difficult times like COVID-19. It’s a time of anxiety and fear but it’s also a time for coming together, remembering what really matters, and connecting in a deeper way. Let’s hear it for our 2020 Grads who are heading out into the world with a renewed sense of purpose and global awareness. Oh, the places you’ll go!

Grad pics courtesy of Pazy's Portraits.

How are you celebrating your grad? Adapting your graduation celebrations and traditions for the times? Share with us on @socialPS and on our Social Print Studio Facebook group.

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