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November 14, 2019

We know picking holiday gifts can be stressful but we’re hoping our gift guides help! Sarah, a Nashville-based travel blogger, is back with us to share her favorite gifts to give to families that love to travel.

The Holiday season is upon us which means twinkling lights, parties galore, perhaps some holiday travel, lots of family time, and thoughtful gift-giving too. As a busy mom of 3 with plenty of extended family and friends to buy gifts for, my focus for the holidays is always to find gifts that are beautiful, personal, and thoughtful. I also care about giving quality gifts that don’t break the bank and also don’t clutter my loved ones’ homes and lives.

And, as a family that loves to travel, I like to find gifts that evoke memories of family trips and our time together. Photographs are such a personal way to do that and Social Print Studio provides a bunch of ways to share those photographs and memories with creative, affordable, and unique gifts—all made easily with the pictures on your phone.

Plus, their customizable DIY gifts are easy to create and are perfect for all of our friends and family; teachers and co-workers; hard-to-buy and “already have everything” people in our life!

Here are a few of my favorite unique holiday gifts with Social Print Studio:

Holiday Postcards

I love sending and receiving postcards in the mail any time of year. Social Print Studio allows you to print your own pictures on postcards providing a fun and creative way to share the holiday love. They come in a large size (5x7), full bleed (no borders), and they have all of the postcard mailing details printed on the back. I especially like using postcards since, as a family who loves to travel, they are a nostalgic way to commemorate and share our adventures. Some of my favorite ways to use Custom Postcards during the holidays include:

Use a Custom Postcard as your family holiday card
Print a fun family picture on a pack of postcards or print and send a different picture on each postcard from travels throughout the year to share with family and friends.

Print postcards featuring child’s artwork
Have one of your kids draw a picture of your family and print the drawing as postcards to send as holiday well wishes (don’t forget to include the pets!). Let the kids add some stickers and a “Happy Holidays” note and send away!

Print postcards for invitations
Use a set of postcards as fun invitations to your holiday party!


Custom Photo Ornaments

We often try to find an ornament during our family travels to document a trip. I also love gifting beautiful and personal ornaments to friends and family during the holiday season. Social Print Studio’s metal ornaments are sturdy and so personal. They are wonderful to gift to a grandparent, a sibling, or a spouse/partner. They could also be used to document a trip by printing a favorite picture from your travels. I recently printed a custom ornament of my 3 girls from a trip to Asheville, North Carolina, which will remind me of our adventures every year when we hang it on the tree.


Grid Frame

The Grid Frame is one of my favorite gifts to give all year and especially during the holiday season. After a family trip or vacation, I love to find my favorite pictures from the trip to combine in a Grid Frame. For example, after an extended family trip to Disney several years ago, we created a Grid Frame for my in-laws that makes me smile every time I see it hanging in their home. After a beach trip with my brother and our kids, I compiled favorite pictures from the trip that matched their home decor. And most recently, I ordered a Grid Frame of pictures from our family trip this year to Mexico City to hang in my girls’ room!

Whether a family reunion, a group celebration, or a romantic couples trip, the Grid Frames are completely customizable and a creative gift to document and remember the time together.

Grid Frame

365 day Calendar

A custom calendar is such an amazing gift during the holidays and the start of a new year! The 365-day calendar allows you to tear off a picture each day and each page is thick and lovely. This is a fabulous gift for a grandparent or a spouse/partner to keep on their desk. Of course, my 13-year-old adores our custom calendar and has begged for it to go by her bed. There is plenty of customizing available—I even put each girls’ picture on their birthday page, but I also like the variety and randomness of the images.


Social Print Studio Gift Card

During the holidays, a gift card is a great way to allow our friends and family to really choose what they want. Plus, if you don’t have access to all of the photos from your sister’s amazing trip to Greece or your co-worker’s honeymoon to Aruba, they can print their own magical pictures, postcards, ornaments or calendars (and so much more) themselves!

Sarah is a writer, editor and public relations contractor based in Nashville, TN. She writes about family travel and expanding her family’s worldview at The Wandering Rumpus. She also loves to take photographs of her family and on her travels. Find her @TheWanderingRumpus on Instagram and Facebook.

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