Daily Calendar

Uncover a new photo every day of the year with a custom tear-away photo calendar. Start on any date—an anniversary, a birthday, January 1, or any day you choose.

  • Professionally printed on photo paper
  • Custom covers for birthdays, anniversaries, Mother’s Day, and more
  • Optional stainless steel and bamboo stand options to complete the look

  • • 365-366 photos plus custom cover
  • • 5 templates to choose from
  • • Printed on 170 gsm photo paper
  • • Each calendar page measures approx 2.7” x 3.2”
  • • Made in the USA
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Daily Calendar
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NEW custom covers!

Choose from new cover designs to create a one-of-a-kind Mother’s Day calendar, a birthday calendar, or an anniversary calendar. The cover features your photo in the design of your choice for the ultimate unboxing experience.

Choose your start date

Start your calendar any day of the year and we’ll print a full year’s worth of photos from your chosen start date. Arrange specific photos on special days or randomize photos for an easy option.

Give yourself an upgrade

Select the Signature Stand for an elevated
look. The sleek metal stand is available in
Sage, Sunshine, Cloud, and Graphite.

Praise for the Daily Calendar

"I can’t tell you how much I LOVE my daily calendar! It was so easy to make using your app, and the quality of the photos is amazing! I got the bamboo stand to display it, and everyone who sees it asks about the details."

Burgie22 | January 17, 2022


Pro-quality prints worth saving. Preserve your favorites in a myriad of ways, from decorating to journaling.

Which template matches your vibe?

5 styles to choose from.

Make it on the app

Download the Print Studio iOS app, and create your calendar right from your phone.

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More praise for Daily Calendar

"This will be our fifth year buying their page-a-day calendars. So between us, my sisters and my cousins, we corral 365 of our favorite family photos from the last year and I assemble it into this awesome little page-a-day calendar. So throughout the year our whole family is enjoying the same new photos every day."


Backed by our stellar Customer Service

Our friendly team is online 7 days a week.
Email or live chat us!

Gift ready

Comes neatly packaged in a kraft box awaiting your custom touches.

Perfectly pairs with

The Signature Stand offers a dynamic way to interact with your photos—tear off a new print each day and store the passing days at the back of the calendar.

The versatile Bamboo Stands are handcrafted from beautifully sustainable bamboo. Stands can be used in two ways with a bigger ledge to hold a full year’s worth of prints or with a smaller ledge for a partial calendar

Don't take our word for it

4.83 stars from 378 reviews
What our customers have to say about our Daily Calendars


sheila r.

Poor print quality

"I used to love Social print studio, but the quality has really decreased lately. Photos came out dark and cropped oddly. Not worth the price for the quality. I will likely not order from here again. "

I'm so sorry you weren't satisfied with the quality of your calendar. We have not changed anything about our process or the quality of our printing or materials. I've asked our team to reach out to make this right for you.


Anders G.

Daily Calendar

"Great communication, awesome and easy"

Sarah T.

Daily Calendar - Perfect Gift

"This is the perfect gift idea that's both fun and personal! Highly recommend for any occasion."

Darcie B.

Gorgeous Little gift

"I've bought two, and they both turned out great. Love it!"

Ediellen S.


"Everything is amazing "

Patty L.

You did it again!

"A thoughtful gift that's incredibly well made. I made a calendar for my eldest who is about to head out to college. He'll know that we're rooting for him, and hopefully, this will put a smile on his face throughout the year."

Lauren O.

Beautifully crafted!

"Couldn't have asked for a better product! The pictures printed with a very clear quality. Can't wait to give the calendar to my husband for his desk!"

patricia n.

Best gift around

"This little calendar is completely customizable and guaranteed to bring a smile to the recipient every day for a year! It's also not specific to a year (except perhaps a leap year), so can be enjoyed year after year."

Lindsay M.

Perfect grad gift

"I made this for my daughters boyfriend to countdown the year they are apart. It was a perfect gift and will give little reminders of their fun times until they are together again."

Jenny P.

Great quality print!

"Such a great gift and easy to order too!"

Margaret R.

The best Christmas gift! And a great way to share across the generations

"For the last 3 years, I have pulled from a century+ of family photos (with the help of nephews and nieces) to create a family calendar that everyone enjoys. These also are "perpetual" calendars (not tied to any specific year) so that folks can mix and match among the sets to create/recreate a calendar of their own. This year, I turn the reins of the annual family calendar over to the next generation. I will probably continue to create my own personal calendar with photos of my travels when I was stationed overseas, etc."

Vi D.

Perfect Father's Day Gift tradition

"Beautiful quality prints and love the options for the calendar design. My husband was so surprised and loved it as his first Father's Day gift and I will be able to update it every year for the occasion as a time capsule of the past year with our little one. "

Leah W.

Fathers Day gift

"I ordered one of these for my husband for Father’s Day and am impressed with the quality of the photos! This has turned into a daily ritual for my husband and 2 year old daughter to see a new picture each morning and talk about the memory. I think this will probably turn into an annual gift! She also loves having her own “pictures” as we give her the spent days. "

Sarah C.

Great gift!

"This is my second purchase of the Daily Calendar. The prints are such great quality and printed on sturdy cardstock! I love that you can start the calendar on any day of the year. I gave this to my husband for a gift, and after he used it for a year, I took it to my office to use for the following year. Highly recommend! "

Paula S.

Christmas presents!

"I have ordered two of the daily calendars in the last month and now I'm whittling down my Christmas list! Ha! I can see their faces now as they smile each day! "

Marci M.

Perfect Gift!

"These pictures are great quality & make the perfect gift. You can save them & put them in baseball card sheets to make a photo album!"

David S.

A classic we would miss daily

"We're ordering the daily calendar since 2017 and it's fantastic to review the previous year on a daily basis. It's really something all our family members would greatly miss, if it weren't there. I preferred the paper and print quality of the early years, but it's still great value for money. Our daughters all kinds of art objects with the past days, so many of the calendar photos actually get a second life. We highly recommend to get that calendar with the metal stand. "

Carey B.

Great gift!

"Made this for my daughter as a graduation gift. Love it!"

Gregory K.

Mother's Day Gift

"Hi! This is the second time I got a daily calendar as a gift for my mother. She was very happy with it again. Thanks so much. "

Tiffany D.

Beautiful Calendar with A new Memory Each Day

"I really love the Calendar, it was easy to create and now I can have a New Day with Lovely photo on my desk at work. Quick printing and Delivery as well."

Melanie E.

Great Mother's Day gift!

"my mom loves the daily calendar! It was easy to put together, and I loved that I could choose the day it started. I'd love to make it a yearly tradition!"



"Its a cute idea but several of the heads were chopped in the photos which was a bummer"

Oh no! We are so sorry to hear about the cropping issues with your Calendar that arrived! We will reach out right away and see if we can help get this fixed for you!


Kelsey K.

Love this idea!

"I got this for my husband for our first anniversary and he loves it! This was so easy and fun to put together."

Katherine P.

yearly favorite

"This has been a near yearly gift for my parents since they became grandparents. It's a fun way to share pictures from the year and they can easily take favorites to pin up at work or on the fridge. We mostly stick to the randomized photo order, though it's fun (and easy) to swap a few around so birthdays have a picture of the celebrated party. "

Wendy R.

So beautiful

"It’s even better in person! I love having a physical daily memory, it’s such amazing quality and such a great gift that anyone would love. The process was also so quick and easy (I used the app). Definitely recommend!"

Jessica M.

Love my daily ritual!

"Love love love this daily ritual. I have 67k pix in my phone and have finally found a way to print and enjoy them. Once I remove them from the calendar I hang them in my room and they fill me with such joy! When I take photos now, I add them to an album titled “social print” so that I can upload them with ease for my next calendar! "

jamie h.

The best start to my office time

"I love seeing a new photo each day on my desk! It is such a fun piece to be able to show off my family and also see a new photo each day. The process was so easy and such a quick turn around. The photo quality is also fantastic. Thank you for such a great product! "

Hope G.


"I love mine great quality and so sentimental "

Aspyn H.

Great for gifting!

"I love how customizable this was! Made this for my boyfriend to put on his computer desk as a birthday gift and it’s perfect because it’s not too big or too small. "

Crystal F.

Great product-difficult process

"I would love if we could save our projects, and be able to log in and edit, work on them. For example I've made two daily calendars. Once I had an internet issue, and lost all my work, uploading 365 photos....Ugh. I would love to be able to log into an account and see projects that I've ordered, and have photos uploaded stored there for me to incorporate into another project."

Hello and thank you so much for the feedback! We certainly appreciate it and will absolutely pass this along to the full team for some review, as we are always looking for different way to grow and improve!


Kathleen O.

Most creative calendar out there!

"Most creative and enjoyable calendar on the market. I loved being able to customize the product with my own images and the calendar base. Every day is a new surprise when we flip to the next date. Best gift to receive or give! Thanks Social Print Studio!"

Amanda S.


"I absolutely love it I love seeing a new picture every morning before I start my day!!! I would totally recommend this for family, friends, or significant others! You will not regret it."

Grace M.

Awesome nightstand accessory

"I love having a way to see my favorite pictures somewhere other than on my camera roll or a basic print!"

Alexa C.

So cute

"It’s amazing good quality and perfect for a gift "

Bettina N.

Daily calendar

"I liked it. I expected the prints to be larger and the paper to be more substantial, more like your prints. It is a really tiny calendar, made even smaller by the calendar field. Also made less useful by the glued spine, which stretches out from peeking and makes it less versatile. I worry the size of the stand won't contain all the unglued images for attractive reuse over the years. But it was a birthday hit with my mom, so here's hoping!"

Abigail A.

Such a great way to cherish memories!

"I made a daily calendar of my husband and I’s wedding photos. It turned out so stunning! This is such a great way to cherish memories or look back on a season of life - and a fun gift idea! "

Kaci C.

Memorable gift; Unique way to start each day

"I love my daily calendar! Seeing a photo from a special memory brightens my morning. Totally beats a generic wall calendar. The stand is simple and durable. I love how thick each page is, and the photo quality is great. "

Lyberty B.

Love this

"It’s so pretty and can’t wait to continue using it"

Jessica D.

Great Gift!

"It takes some time to pick all the photos you want to use, but a truly thoughtful gift to give! Cute size and quality is great."

Amy S.


"Probably the greatest gift I’ve ever gotten for someone! High quality prints. This calendar is pure joy! "

Rachel K.

1 Year Wedding Anniversary Gift

"I gifted this to my husband for our 1 year anniversary and it was the perfect gift. It brings him a bit of joy as he starts his work day every day. It is beautiful and turned out better than I could have dreamed! "

Margo W.

Better than expected

"I ordered the desk calendar with 365 photos. The process of adding my photos to the project was very simple. When I received my order I was beyond pleased. I actually received it within 6 days of ordering. The quality of the photos and the almost cardboard like paper they are printed on is perfect. Everyone who has seen the calendar were beyond impressed. They were also very surprised at how good the price was. I can’t wait to order another gift."

Robyn K.

Makes a great gift!

"This is my third year of creating photo calendars as gifts - I love the flexibility of choosing my start date! I order one for myself and one to gift, that way we can share the memories from the photos across the miles"

Karin H.

Daily custom calendar

"I love my daily calendar so much I made a second one! I like using my own pictures and placing on the days I want. I also like not having the day of the week or year on each page so I can save the pages. I thought there was a 6 month version because as I get new pictures I’d love to make a shorter edition because a whole year 365 pictures is a lot to sort through. You cannot arrange the photos until all are uploaded. I’d like if you could upload and arrange a month at a time. I also wish the project would store longer than 2 weeks. Otherwise I really like my calendars! "

Shannon T.

Great for an anniversary!

"I ordered this calendar for my boyfriend for our anniversary. Not only is it a gift great for the entire year, but it's also a forever gift. We can look through the photos year after year! "

Emily M.

Perfect way to display and relive all your photos.

"Love this daily calendar, I got it as a gift and had to make it as a gift for someone else! "

Stephanie M.

Adorable gift

"This daily calendar is so fun. Took a good amount of time to find the photos and create the calendar. Would recommend if you have an easy catalog of images to reference and personalize. "

Bethan D.

Brings so much joy!

"Really easy to create, and my sister says it's the best present she's ever had!"

Erin B.

" "

Matthew B.

Social calwndwr

"Received one and loved it ! Ordered one for my friend "

Chunie T.


"The paper is smooth, the print quality needs a little bit of gloss but that is just my own opinion. I went with the small date daily calendar, I have 4 more styles to choose from next time. If you are looking for something personal and uncommon to give, you've come to the right place and they have other gift options too!"

Heather F.

Pictures are good - won't stay in stand

"The pictures look very nice, but they won't stay in stand. Even if you take half out, they just fall over and fall out. I wanted to order one for my mom, but don't think I will now. "

Thank you so much for the feedback! We are so sorry to hear about the issues with the stand and we are reaching out via email to help get that fixed for you. Thank you again!


Randi G.

Helps going to work feel a bit more exciting

"Bought my husband this for Valentine’s Day. Every photo is a memory of the two of us over the past 39 years. He said it helps make going to work fun. Because he gets to see a new memory of us every day! This was such a fun gift to give and brings back some great memories and stories! Every day I get an update of which picture is next in his cube!!!!"

Tom T.

Great quality, on-time delivery, only minor issues

"Really liked the result overall. It felt high-quality, and got here quickly. Would've liked a little more flexibility, since I was going for something a little different than usual: First, I didn't want a full-year calendar, but a "countdown" for a specific number of days, but had to print 365 days anyway (ended up just disposing of the spare days). Secondly, I wanted text and not just pictures, which ended up working well enough, but would've been nice to get a better sense of the margings while designing, as some of the texts ended up a little close to the edge. Some more size options (namely, a larger calendar) could've also been nice. Other than that, very nice product, just as advertised."

Lyndsey B.

Perfect goodbye gift

"This product is amazing! The quality is fantastic, I was so worried, but it turned out absolutely perfect. I gathered pictures of friends and family and put together about 75 pictures that repeated throughout the year as a custom goodbye gift for a friend who was moving. Complete home run! The stand is adorable and the whole project will give our friend a taste of home while she settles into her new place. Do not hesitate to purchase, this is an amazing product."


Great gift

"It was the perfect Valentine's Day gift for my husband. He is not big into gifts and really appreciated the thought behind this one. He will often take a photo of the calendar and share the photo of the day with family. "

Whitney M.

Great idea, quality lacking this year

"I love this product but the photo quality was noticeably lower this year. I hope the quality improves in the future as I like to buy 2 calendars each year."

Christina S.

My sons love them every year!!

"I give them to my sons every year for their birthdays ! And they love them! They enjoy the pics of their kids and family from pics I have taken throughout the year!!"

Karen R.


"I love this keepsake of the year and was so easy to make with the template. Such a wonderful way to enjoy some of our favorite memories of the year "

Monica M.

Perfect Valentine Gift

"The daily calendar allows you to give your loved one 365 pictures from the past year to relive one day at a time. A few vacations add a lot of opportunity for fabulous flashbacks, but the day to day pictures also add to the fun each day. It is easy to load up the pictures and arrange as needed (specific pictures for birthdays or holidays). I bought a wooden stand and now just get a new set of pictures for each year."

Kerry C.


"Loved it!!!"

Iris C.

the perfect gift!

"loved it! the perfect valentine’s gift that keeps on giving. "

Chris M.

Print quality has dropped

"This calendar has noticeably worse quality prints as compared to the one I ordered last year. The paper is thinner, and the colors are way more washed out and muddy. It was the first thing the person I gifted it to mentioned when they opened it. "

Sara W.

The best gift ever

"Made one for my husband and my entire family loves seeing the daily picture. We put them on a magnet board so we can continue to enjoy them. I wish Social print studio would come up with a photo album with slots the same size to keep them organized forever. Love our calendar. "

Erin Y.

So cool!

"I got one of these for my husband for Christmas, and he loves it. It's well-made and makes such a great, personal gift. I'm giving them to all of my family for bday gifts!"

Sarah J.

Love this calendar

"I make a calendar every year and my kids love tearing off a picture a day to see what they were up to a year ago. The stand looks great too."

Jamie D.

Best Valentines gift ever

"I gave it to my husband and for Valentine’s Day and he loves it. He sends me a photo of his calendar every day."

Geri Lynn D.

Awesome gift

"I received one for Christmas and loved it so I made my mother-in-law one for her 89 th birthday. I wish there were better directions with the app and it would of been helpful if the pictures Xed out when a specific day was chosen not just when the month was."

Lois van G.

I love this product....even if its pretty expensive

"I've been gifting this calendar with great joy. its so cute, and lovely...and the response is always super nice.... sending it to The Netherlands is pretty expensive, but super fast, and..there is no such service in Europe that I can find. a happy customer. "

Rosalie W.

I make two every year

"One for my family, one for my husband's family. It's great to collect and upload the photos every year, and know what image everybody is seeing that day. Everybody loves them and patiently awaits the new years arrival. Best (and easiest) gift I give."

Jeannine S.

Perfect gift

"I have given 3 of these as gifts. Everyone raves about them!"

Jeremy K.

Picture quality lower than previous years

"I love the daily calendar I order a few each year. But this last print/calendar has noticably lower quality prints. I really hope the next calendar/print is higher quality. I compare this year and last year and def not same quality. Please print higher quality next time, thanks."

Tammy D.

Perfect little memories calendar.

"We use this calendar to highlight the memories of last year. It is fun to tear away a day and see what we were doing/seeing last year at this time. It is wonderful. I love the paper the photos are printed on. That said, I'd like it to be a little less matte as some of the photos aren't quite as clear as they would be on glossy paper. THAT said, I have ordered a lot of photos from Social Print Studio and keep returning. I look forward to many more. I will get a refill pack for next year for this calendar, the year after, ad nauseum, and we will enjoy the little tearaway every day. Bonus: the photos can be kept as a memento, or given as one to loved ones. I've had this only a couple weeks and already have plans for sharing some of them. I recommend this - I cannot imagine anyone being disappointed with this little gem. "

Annette G.

Love it but…

"This is my second year ordering this calendar. We love it because of all the memories it brings back throughout the year. I do feel however, that the quality is a little lower than last year’s. The paper feels thinner and isn’t as glossy so I hope it holds up all year! "

Lisa B.

Favorite family tradition

"We have been creating these calendars annually for years now. We give one to each of our far-flung adult children so we are all seeing the same photo each day of the year. It provides endless joy and conversation, recalling the moment captured in the photo. The quality is exceptional, and we keep them as diaries of each year. Highly recommend!!!"

Elizabeth A.

Best. Present. Ever.

"Fun to make! Fun to give! "

Carol M.

Love my Photo cube Calendar

"Love this calendar for a daily smile! Third year I’ve done this and the software is much easier to use now. Thank you for the improvement. "

Michelle S.

Love it!!

"I bought this as a birthday present to myself and I absolutely love it!"

Jen M.

Loved it!

"I love this calendar- it was quite easy to make except I couldn’t figure out how to edit the photos once chosen and I tried to reorder the same calendar made after the original order was placed (to have 2 of them) but that did not seem possible as well. Overall I would order again! "

Shane M.

Not My Favorite Daily Calendar (Sixth Calendar Purchase)

"While this is my sixth Daily Calendar I've purchased from SPS, this is the first one I've had issues with. The adhesive isn't strong enough to hold the pictures together (currently using a rubber band around the pictures to keep in order), the stand isn't long enough to keep the pictures in place, and the shipping without the cardboard box holding the pictures in one place allowed for too much shifting in the stand which broke the adhesive. "

Hello Shane! Thank you so much for the feedback on this. We are so sorry to hear about the Calendar falling apart, and have sent an email regarding this to help get this fixed! Thank you again.


Siegfried L.

Great quality, wonderful service

"I am really happy with my calendars. The quality is outstanding. "

Laura C.

Loved it!

"My husband loved it. It was a gift."

Chris P.


"This has a been the big Christmas gift for my wife, mother & mother in law for years! Even my sons wanted their own when they headed to college!"

Sam W.

Best gift ever!

"Although we’re only a few weeks into the new year, the people who received as a holiday gift last year send me text of the pictures from their calendars. They’re shocked, surprised and happy to look at the daily pics and provide commentary on the pic. Great stuff. "

Jillian T.

So fun!

"Love this calendar, so fun to have a new reminder of a memory everyday! "

Janine D.

An every day treat!

"This is my second year with the daily calendar and I look forward to seeing the photo of the day!"

Kellie B.

Morning Smile

"Love it! It is something that brings a smile to my face every morning "

Julia P.

Four years of calendars

"I've been ordering daily calendars for four years and will continue to do so. There were some delivery issues with my order this year, but the SPS team was super responsive and worked quickly to ensure I had my proper calendars."

Brandi H.

Wonderful for gifting!

"I bought this calendar for my husband’s 40th birthday. He loves it! It’s a great way to celebrate a milestone birthday!"

Kristen S.

It’s the best

"I’ve ordered this calendar for my family for probably 5 years now and it is their absolute favorite Christmas gift!"

Alexis T.

The daily calendar is always a hit

"I love this calendar and making them for yearly gifts for family members to share photos of our kids has become a tradition that everyone looks forward to. "

Daniel R.

Great Idea, Great GIft

"Overall, I really like this product. Very thoughtful and unique gift. However, 4 stars because the print quality isn't the best on the pictures, and the software to arrange/edit the pictures isn't the easiest to use. "

Cheryl D.

Awesome calendar!

"I’ve been getting these daily calendars for years and I always love them! "

Margaret C.

not so pleased this year

"I ordered lots for family last year and this year. The quality is less this year - paper thinner and not enough glue to hold pages in and they fall out of the stack."

Hello Margaret! We are so sorry to hear about the issues with the Calendars falling apart! That certainly is not good. We are reaching out via email right away to get in touch and get this fixed for you!


Jennifer S.

Great goft

"Purchased for family gifts. Easy process to set up and more unique than a monthly calendar, good quality photos."

meredith vanden b.


"I love my daily calendar! The pictures are crystal clear. I look forward to flipping to the new day each morning. "

Annabel Z.

Love the calendar

"I order this every year. And each year it get a easier to set the photos and adjust the layout. Love love this calendar. "

Jamie M.


"Easy to design, looks fantastic. Loved the whole process and result! "

Kaitlin P.

Happy Customer

"The process was easy and my delivery came faster than expected! So happy with the outcome!"

Ashley N W.

Daily Calendar

"Love. Love. Love. 365 days of photos of my dog!"

Your prints on the @socialprintstudio Instagram

We love seeing what you do with your daily calendar. Tag us at @socialprintstudio.

A new photo each day, courtesy of @onesimpleshoot.

Hold onto your favorite daily photos to display year-round, like @kteichrowfamily.

Mix and match your old calendar pages with Mini Photo Prints. Pro tip from @newleafwriter.

Daily Calendar FAQ

Product Details

Calendar pages are printed on 170 gsm thick photo paper. Easy to tear-off every day and hardy enough to repurpose as prints. Choose from five modern calendar designs.

Each calendar page measures 2.69x 3.22" (6.83x8.18 cm) and the whole block measures 2.95” (7.5 cm) in height.

Each Daily Calendar is individually packaged in a small brown cardboard box. Tie a bow or some twine around it, add a Tiny Card, and you’ve got a gift-wrap free gift!

Ordering Tips

Our uploader requires photos at least 612x612 pixels in jpeg, png, and heic format.

Save as you go!. Our app features a Save Project button, allowing you to save your projects as you go. That’s solid peace of mind when you’re uploading a year’s worth of photos. To save in progress calendar orders on our Print Studio App, select Save Project on the bottom of the maker page. You can rest easy knowing it’ll be there when you go back to finish your project!

We are pleased to announce that our website has a new save feature in beta for Daily Calendars. To save, navigate to the upload page and hit the "Save Project" button at the top of the page:

A link to your project will then be emailed to you. Your in progress order will be saved for two weeks as you complete the project. You can use the link and hit re-save anytime to extend the two weeks.

Don't sweat it if you do not have a year's worth of photos! You can repeat photos by upping their quantity on the upload page. Clicking "autofill" will duplicate your photos to fill the remainder of the year.

We recommend either saving your project or placing your Daily Calendar order all in one go if you’re ordering on the web, from upload to checkout. If you leave your project sitting in your cart for long periods of time, you risk a browser refresh that could result in losing your work.

Our uploader only allows photos to be uploaded 50 at a time to avoid hiccups in your connection.

We have more tips for ordering the Daily Calendars from our website here.

Can I choose which photo is printed on the cover?

Choose your first photo with care because we print a peekaboo of the first photo in your calendar within a heart template on the cover, along with the year. 

Does the Daily Calendar come with a stand?

We offer bundles of the Daily Calendar with both our Signature Stand and our Bamboo Stand.  We also sell our Calendar Stands separately here

What will the start date be for my Daily Calendar?

You can now choose your calendar’s starting date for calendars ordered on our website and our iOS app, Print Studio. We heard your pleas! You can choose when to start your calendar as the first step of the ordering process. 

What are the exact template sizes for each of your designs?

The printing template sizes for the various designs can be found below. Some templates may be larger than the page itself; this is due to factored-in bleed space. 

No Can Do

The Daily Calendar must include a full year’s worth of photos. We are unable to create calendars with shorter or longer periods of time, or any type of countdown calendar. 

Bulk Orders:

Our Daily Calendars are popular gift items for corporations, small businesses, start-ups, and freelancers. They make great holiday gifts, client thank yous, and corporate swag. We offer bulk pricing for large orders over $500 (Must be the same product and shipping to the same address. More information can be found here). 

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American made
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Created to last
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Shop small
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American Made
American made
Manufactured and printed in
Santa Cruz, California.
Happiness Guaranteed
If you’re not satisfied,
we’ll make it right.
Created to last
Created to last
Long-lasting quality at
an affordable price.
Shop Small
Shop small
Where you spend your money really
does make a difference.
Carbon Neutral
Ships carbon friendly
We offset 100% of our
carbon emissions.
1% of sales donated
Your purchase just got more powerful.

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