Yes indeed, we are hiring! Here's your chance to get in on the ground-floor of something amazing. We want to grow our team in unusual directions while remaining a close-knit, small company that puts humans before the robots every time. Join us!

Open Positions

Full Stack Engineer

We're currently hiring an experienced Full Stack Engineer. You will build our next greatest features and implement a new UX, and turn this website into a seamless wonderland.

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Working @ SPS

Remote Life

Our company is fully remote. The current team is distributed around the U.S.A., and we have no fixed office space. You can work from anywhere, travel, live in a box, and still crush it.

Create Happiness

We make a product people love. Our app Print Studio has over 14k five star reviews in the App Store and on Google Play, and our prints bring joy every day to our beloved customers. Help make it happen!

Not your average startup

We're a fully independent company and have no investors to answer to. This gives us the freedom to focus on the projects of our choosing and maintain full creative control.

Escape the office

Our Bay Area employees meet on a weekly basis, and we all meet about once a year. You should have the discipline to work remotely and independently, and also be willing to occasionally meet in person.

Jack of all prints

We're a tight team and we each have a broad range of responsibilities and areas to grow. Your job title, nor your professional history need define what you do here. You may be recruited as a programmer and end up a hand model!

Year Round Benefits

All full-time staff at Social Print Studio receive healthcare, dental, vision, 22 days paid vacation, and paid family leave.

Have a life

We understand that your job is not your life and that you probably have higher priorities. Our flexible work policy allows our employees to have families and creative pursuits outside of the company.

Your own. Personal. Printer.

Finally, as an employee of Social Print Studio you're gonna get a whole lotta prints. We hope you have wall space!
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