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November 20, 2019

What to buy for kids for the holidays

It’s a tricky business figuring out what to buy for Christmas and the holidays for the under 8 crowd. With their fickleness and exuberant curiosity top of mind, the Social Print Studio team chose our very favorite custom photo gifts for the tiny people among us. Because holiday presents should be just as much fun to shop for as they are to open.

Baby’s First Christmas

Baby First Christmas

You have to have an ornament for Baby’s First Christmas. It’s a thing. A rite of passage for new parents. Choose the sweetest newborn photo or their first smile and print it on an ornament so you can never forget how tiny they were. (Because time flies, just like everybody says.)


Ornaments don’t need Christmas trees to hang out and look pretty. Make a custom photo ornament of your favorite memory from 2019 and hang it on the nursery wall, from your child’s backpack, or from your keychain so you can carry them wherever you go.

Framed Collage Poster
Personalize your son or daughter’s nursery or playroom with a framed photo collage from pictures from their first year. It will make the room feel more personal and they’ll love picking out their favorite people and memories as they grow up. (Like SPS Team Member Cara’s 2 kiddos pictured here. Ahh!)

Tip: The Collage Poster doesn’t come framed but you can add it on for an additional cost.

Gift Guide for Kids - Grid Collage Poster

Into Everything Toddler

Honestly, magnets are one of the easiest ways to keep your toddler busy while you try to cook dinner. They’re also dang cute and more durable than other photo magnets out there! But another sweet consequence of photo magnets in the kitchen? Team member Vanessa says:

"My two- and four-year-old nephews love their magnets. They love looking at their pictures on the fridge! We actually helped them learn the names of pets and family members that way when they were really little."

So pick your favorite pictures, we’ll print them on professional luster paper, laminate them, and attach them to a magnet. You get to choose from 2 shapes in 3 sizes.

Gift Guide for Kids - Magnets

Who doesn’t love stickers? Okay, take normal stickers and multiply them by 252. That’s Social Print Studio Mini Stickers. You can take any photo on your phone or computer and literally turn it into a sticker. For little kids, we pick Mini Stickers because they’re so dang cute but they also come in a larger 2 x 2 size. We recommend choosing photos featuring one face or object so they really pop.

Gift Guide for Kids - Stickers

Print funny stickers featuring Daddy’s silly face, Lucky wearing a santa hat, or their favorite toy. Or go paparazzi and print a sheet of stickers featuring your kid’s cute face. They can use the stickers on snail mail to grandparents and pen pals, or on birthday present thank you cards. Mini Stickers are also a great way to DIY your own holiday wrapping paper. You’ll probably see them pop up around the house too. :)

Mini Books
We know not a lot can hold up to the wear and tear of a busy, curious, adorable toddler but our Mini Books come awfully close. If you’re looking for a photo book that’s kid-friendly, the Mini Book is your best bet. The laminated card stock and spiral binding make them durable without sacrificing print quality and color. Our SPS team member and mom of 2 Cara swears by them and we think you’ll love them too!

Gift Guide for Kids Mini Books

Super Cool Preschooler

If you know an opinionated preschooler who knows exactly what they want for Christmas...wait, if you don’t know an opinionated preschooler who knows exactly what they want for Christmas, let us know.

Gift Guide for Kids - Super Cool Preschooler

Mini Prints
Kids this age love carrying around their “pack pack” and filling it with assorted treasures. Add Mini Prints to the mix! Print pictures featuring their siblings, grandma and grandpa, and their favorite Lovies. We also love taking Mini Prints and adding them as a gift topper to one of their bigger presents. SPS Team Member Koseli loves keeping a stack of Mini Prints in a kitchen drawer for her kids’ random creations. “They love opening that drawer and pulling out markers, paper, Mini Prints, and tape. They come up with the most creative ideas using those tiny pictures.” ”

Gift Guide for Kids - Mini Prints

Button, Button, Who’s got the button? Fill that button-shaped hole in your heart with cute little custom buttons featuring whatever photo you choose! We’ll print your digital photos on circular buttons with metal pins on the reverse. You can pin them anywhere you want: your kid’s backpack, a preschool tote bag, dog’s collar, baseball caps and French berets, jean jackets, denim vests…The dream of the 90s is alive in buttons!

Gift Guide for Kids - Buttons

Tip: Social Print Studio buttons are 1 inch wide so your images will be cropped into circles. Remember to keep your subject directly in the center!

Artsy Elementary Schooler

Make a tradition out of ornament-making every year. Take your child’s school photo, turn it into an ornament with the help of Social Print Studio elves, and hang it on the tree. But ornaments aren’t just for the Christmas tree. Hang it from a hook in your mudroom, from your rearview mirror, or bundle them and display them on the wall at different lengths. They also make a really cute gift from your child to a family member or close friend.

Gift Guide for Kids - Ornaments
Gift Guide for Kids - Mini Books

Mini Books
Super simple but special photo book that’s easy to carry in your backpack or stow in your locker. Meet Mini Books! Photos are printed back to back on cardstock with a glossy photo-finish and kept safe by the laminate cover and spiral-binding. Select 100 of your favorite photos and receive 2 unique books with 50 photos in each, or select just 50 photos and receive 2 identical books. Fun to make, fun to keep, and fun to trade with friends.

We can’t wait to see what Social Print Studio gifts you make for the special women in your life this holiday. Share with us by tagging us @socialps on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter. And check out our other gift guides for teens and tweens, him, her, and Gifts under $30.

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