Gift Guide for Tweens and Teens

November 20, 2019

What to buy for a tween or teen

They may be the world’s most difficult people on the planet to buy for but we’re here and we’re kind of cool so we’re going to dare to suggest holiday gifts for your tween or teen. And who knows, they might not just like what you pick, but look at you in the eyes and say, “Cool.” Let’s get started.

Science-Loving Tweens

Tiny Books
For the tween who loves looking excruciatingly close at things and asking a million questions (much to the chagrin of their parents), Tiny Books will be right up their alley. It’s like a photo book but 10 times smaller and more intricate.

Author’s Note: We will be recommending Tiny Books 4 more times in this gift guide. They’re that great and we stand by this decision.

Gift Guide for Tweens and Teens - Tiny Books
Gift Guide for Tweens and Teens - Shadow Box

Shadow Box
Make something cool. For tweens who like to make things with their hands, a shadow box is the perfect launchpad for a full-scale weekend project strewn across the dinner table. (You’re welcome.) Include a pack of 4x4 prints, throw in some basic craft supplies like paint, twine, miniatures, faux moss, and hardware and who knows what they’ll cook up. #creativity

Wall Calendar
Once they have their own calendar, they’ll remember everything. Right? This one’s fun because you choose the photo for every month. Each page is printed on thick paper with a smooth matte finish, then spiral bound together for hanging. (They feel really nice and they last.) We can’t promise it’ll help them be more organized but we can promise it’ll look cool.

Gift Guide for Tweens and Teens - Wall Calendar

Tip: Our Daily Calendar is the funner older cousin of the Wall Calendar, if you’re into fun.

Artsy Types

Gift Guide for Tweens and Teens - Squares

NO kid is a square but they will love these square prints. We call them Squares. (Clever, we know.) They’re classic, easy to repurpose as wall or locker decor, and look great in a frame. They’re the easiest way to decorate a whole wall and they’re also easy to change in/out and add to throughout the year. They also happen to be a crowd favorite for printing Instagram photos.

Tip: We also have a Mini Square if they’re into little things.

Tiny Books
TBH, there’s nothing else remotely like this out there so if your kid likes to find new things or be the first to find new things, go for Tiny Books. They’re miniature photo books that are surprisingly high quality for their size AND they’re magnetic. There’s a world of possibilities for customizing, displaying, and playing with these guys.

Gift Guide for Tweens and Teens - Tiny Book
Gift Guide for Tweens and Teens - Wooden Box

Wooden Display Box
A simple way for them to store their new Instagram prints, or any new artistic creation. It’s a handcrafted box made from 100% Maple wood with a sliding lid, designed to fit our prints.

Santa Cruz Frame
Made from reclaimed driftwood, each Santa Cruz frame is handcrafted so no two frames are alike. They come with an alligator hook on the back so they’re ready to hang. Tip: The Santa Cruz Frame can also be ordered with a print of your choice already in it, if you want to go that route.

Gift Guide for Tweens and Teens - Santa Cruz

Gift card
If you think they’ll have more fun picking and choosing their own prints and posters, go the gift card route. It’s foolproof.

Social Butterfly

Buttons and Magnets
One of the simplest ways for teenagers to share what they care about with the world: buttons on their backpacks and magnets in their lockers. Print vacation photos, artsy pics from Instagram, friend selfies, and the family dog. And do it all from the Print Studio app.

Gift Guide for Tweens and Teens - Buttons
Gift Guide for Tweens and Teens - Mini Books

Mini Books
Miniature photo books are the easiest way to hold onto your favorite memories from the last year. It’ll be hard to make just one Mini Book—they’re a perfect holiday gift for your tween to share with their Instagram-obsessed BFFs.

Collage Poster
Our very first product and still the easiest way to print a ton of pictures in one spot, meet the Collage Poster! With the collage format, you can print 50-200 photos on a beautiful high-quality photo print with a black or white background. Perfect for decorating their room and showing off their newfound love of photography. You can also get it framed or hang it up with our bespoke Wooden Hangers.

Gift Guide for Tweens and Teens - Collage Poster

Teenage Bookworm

Photo Strips
You don’t have to go to the Ace Hotel to get trendy photo booth pictures. Help them feel seen with a personal bookmark for their latest series obsession. Choose a few of your favorite family pictures and print a set of Photo Strip just for them.

Gift Guide for Tweens and Teens - Photo Strips
Gift Guide for Tweens and Teens - Poster

Large Format Prints
This is the simplest way to take their favorite photo, blow it up, and hang it on the wall. Choose from 20 large format sizes, printed on Kodak Professional Premier Paper with a lustre finish. From our Large Format Print product page, choose one of 3 classic poster sizes: 24x36”, 30x40", or 30x45". If you’re looking for a statement present for Christmas, go big.

Metal Prints
If your teen is less traditional and wants to try something different, settle for a metal print. They’re modern, durable, and seriously cool looking. They’ll be surprised you picked something this in.

Gift Guide for Tweens and Teens - Metal Prints
Gift Guide for Tweens and Teens - Tiny Books

Tiny Books
(This is the last time we mention Tiny Books. We promise.) But seriously, it’s a photo book but incredibly tiny. What’s not to love? If you’ve already got a bookworm, Tiny Books are a foolproof holiday gift. Comes in a set of 3 and did we mention they also happen to be magnetic? (We did. We did.).

We can’t wait to see what Social Print Studio gifts you make for the special women in your life this holiday. Share with us by tagging us @socialps on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter. And check out our other gift guides for kids, her, him, and Gifts under $30.

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