20 Reasons You Should Print Your Photos

February 24, 2020

Print is not dead. That goes for the broader publishing world of newspapers and magazines and books, to our realm of printed photos like portraits, posters, postcards, and greeting cards. Have you held an old vacation photo or class picture in your hands recently? A photo is a time machine and they’re still the most sentimental item we hold onto—even for antsy millennials. So without further ado, here are 20 reasons you should print your photos.

20 Reasons You Should Print Your Photos

1. What would you grab on your way out of a burning building?! Photo books!
2. It’s fun. Photo Stickers? Giant Photo Strips? Grid Posters? That’s FUN.
3. It’s easy.
4. The Print Studio app is free and prints start at 24 for $12.
5. You can order prints from your phone.
6. Stretch your creative muscles. Make a funny Tiny Book, artsy Classic Prints for your wall, or Mini Photo Prints for art journaling.

Tiny Books and Stickers
Tiny Books and Stickers

7. When they’re on your wall or propped up on your desk, you enjoy them every day.
8. Photos remind you what’s most important. Family pictures, anyone?
9. So others can enjoy them too! Only you can see your pictures on your phone unless you share. Granny’s not on Insta and she wants to see your pictures, too.
10. Technology can fail, but printed pictures last forever.
11. Photo books are a fool-proof gift. (Mom will probably shed a tear, she’ll love it so much.)
12. They make thoughtful—but still affordable—wedding decor and wedding favors.
13. Add a personal touch to staying organized and tracking time.

14. Send holiday cards, of course!
15. Because your kids love seeing themselves on the family room wall.
16. Printing pictures really big is exciting. (Here’s a cheat sheet of how to do it.)
17. Make great wall decor. (Print and frame your favorite shot for $45).
18. Photo magnets for all.
19. Great launching point for easy DIY projects like collaging, wall hangings, and journaling.
20. Print your photos because life’s too short not to capture your favorite memories and relive them every day.

Tiny Books and Stickers

What about you? Why do you print your photos? What are your rituals around making photo books or giving photos as presents? Do you make an ornament every year, give a photo book to your mom for her birthday each year, or update your family picture every Fall? Share with us on Instagram at @socialPS.


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