Gifts for Pet Lovers

January 28, 2020

Images by our very own Rachyel Puleo Magaña, Customer Service Empath and Photographer Extraordinaire.

Fluffy fur babies make the world go round. We’re pet lovers and if you are too, you’ll love this sweet list of our favorite photo gifts and DIYs for people who love their animals. (There are A LOT of us!) The best part? You can make all of these from our sparkly new Print Studio iOS app.

Print Your Pets

If you print pictures of your friends and family, why shouldn’t you print pictures of your pets? They’re family too. We know you have a million pictures of them on your phone so it’s super easy to print those pictures out with the Print Studio app.

Print Your Pets

Frame That Pup

I don’t know who needs to hear this but your pet snapshots are worthy of a beautiful frame. We love printing and framing pet photography in a Modern Frame, Grid Frame, or Santa Cruz Frame. Or, if you have a ton of pictures and you’d like to print all of them, go with the 20x30 Grid Poster (formerly called the Collage Poster).

Frame that Pup

Style That Room

Prints are a simple way to freshen up your space and make it feel more “you”. Add a snapshot of your dog, cat, rat, or horse to a Small Wooden Display Block and you’ve got a thoroughly modern styled photo for your dresser, nightstand, or entryway. Or string up a set of prints with a Magnetic Photo Display Kit. If you want a large format print of your pet (very cute for a gallery wall), choose your preferred size and grab some Wooden Hangers and you can hang your print in minutes.

Tip: Here’s the full rundown of how big you can print an image, how to print iPhone photos, and a guide to printing panoramic large formats. If you have any more questions, we’re happy to help. Email our awesome customer service reps at and they’ll get back to you within a day (probably sooner!).

Style that room

Custom Pet Postcards

Aww, everyone should be printing their pets on postcards and sending them to everyone they know. What’s happier than fetching the mail and seeing a sweet pup staring back at you?! You can order Photo Postcards on our app or website. Our postcards are larger than traditional postcards and have a semi-gloss finish for a classier feel.

Custom Pet Postcards

Story of Us

Make a photo book (choose from a soft cover, hard cover, or layflat album) of how you met and all your best memories. Include the time you dressed Frisky in a vintage bonnet and laughed for hours, or the time Ralph wouldn’t leave your side when you had the flu for a week. If you’re making the photo book for someone else and need more images of their pet(s), think of creative ways to solicit high res images so they won’t guess what a special gift you’re making for them.

Tip: Questions about how to make Social Print Studio Photo Books? Start here.

Softcover Photo Book

Make a Memento

Canvas Kitty

Sometimes our pets leave us, but their memory never does. We’re honored to be a part of the way you remember your furry friends whether that’s through a framed picture, a giclee canvas print (pictured here), a metal print, a photo book, Tiny Books, magnets, ornaments, or classic prints.

We hope you’re inspired to print photos of your pets or give a thoughtful gift to a pet lover. Have you ever printed pictures of your pets? Do you display them in your home? We’d love to hear how you share your love for animals. Tag us or comment on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

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